Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 15, 1962
NUMBER 44, PAGE 3,14a

They Got Her Land!

Charles H. Crider, Henderson, Tennessee

You have heard much about the "Spring Creek Law Suit": Where the so-called "loyalist group," spurred on by Freed-Hardeman College, took their brethren to a court of law. Not being satisfied with taking their brethren to law, they badgered, harassed, and threatened a widow with a law suit until she gave them 15 feet of her land.

Picture it if you please: The "loyalist group" with Davis, Cary, and Gary heading up the "loyalist" throwing our their chest and showing their metals of victory. I can just see them now, walking around elated and boastful about winning their battles!

Then I see the widow, (well on her way to eighty years old) giving the "loyalist" her land, walking away, her steps a little slower, wondering what kind of a "church" could drop so low. Yes, the three Generals, Davis, Cary and Gary victorious. A plot of land gained. A 15 foot plot gained!

The widow they badgered into giving them her land walks away, her hair white from the snow of many winters, her back bowed from the burden of the years. She lives alone in the small town of Spring Creek. After the harassing of the "loyalists" one can only wonder the loneliness she feels as her twilight flickers even dimmer.

I wonder what Davis, Cary, Gary and the rest of the "loyalist" group will answer when they stand in judgment and these events flow through their minds like a horrible dream? Yes, what will their answer be? Dixon, Wallace, Bradfield and many other lesser lights will have to give answer for inciting the "loyalists" to such nefarious action. Brethren, repent before time runs out or your strength to repent is gone!

The widow gave expression to how she felt in a statement to J. C. Pincher:

Fincher, I hated to give them that land as much as I hated to see you put out of the church, but I have given it to them; they are the ones that will have to answer. I need you and my other friends, I don't want you to think hard of me. I know you have been mistreated.

"Kelly (Kelly is Mrs. Fussell's son) told me the land wasn't worth his trip out here from California. He didn't have time to fool with it and said my health wasn't such that I could worry with it. And, too, Kelly doesn't believe in going to law over such matters. (Kelly is a Catholic!)

"I am not physically able to be further disturbed by that group. Please keep them away from me and out of my house."

No comment, as the curtain falls on this sad affair.

PS. Two of the students invited me to the Freed-Hardeman lectures the other day and emphasized the fact that there would be an open forum.

I have been to their open forum and state flatly it is a travesty on anything that even looks like an open forum.

I told these two students that if I visited the Freed-Hardeman Lectures, brother H. A. Dixon might have me thrown in the hoosegow like he did brother Garrett a few years back. To be exact, it was on January 14, 1955 at 5:30 p. m. that brother Dixon had brother Garrett incarcerated. To keep the record straight:

State of Tennessee

City of Henderson, Chester County.

Personally appearing before me, E B. Gardner, Mayor of the City of Henderson, an acting Justice of the Peace for said County, H. A. Dixon, and made oath in due form of law that the offense of Creating a Public Nuisance has been committed, and charging Leroy Garrett thereof. (Signed) H. A. Dixon.

Sworn and subscribed before me this fourteenth day of January, 1955. (Signed) E. B. Gardner, Mayor of the City of Henderson, Tenn.

State of Tennessee,

City of Henderson, Chester County.

To any Lawful Officer of Said County:

Information on oath having been made me by H. A. Dixon that the offense of Creating a Public Nuisance has been committed, and charge Leroy Garrett thereof, you are therefore commanded, in the name of the State, forthwith to arrest the said Leroy Garrett thereof, and bring him before me, or some other Justice of said County, to answer the above charge.

E B. Gardner Mayor of City of Henderson, Henderson, Tenn.

Yes, at 5:30 they took him away and put him in the City Jail. What was his crime? Teaching the "Preacher boys" his doctrine. You know! There is something strange about that Dixon-Garrett jail affair: Because just after that a Baptist preacher came to the campus and taught Baptist doctrine. He went into some of the buildings of FHC, and openly and in defiance taught Baptist doctrine.

What was the answer of the faculty at FHC? "Let him alone, don't say anything to him. Don't start anything with him."

I would just like to know why "Dr." Dixon had a brother thrown in jail in the first place? In the second place, why did he have a brother thrown in jail and refused to have a Baptist preacher, jailed for the same crime? In the third place, if the family did not have courage to face a Baptist preacher, why did they refuse to let the students call his hand?

Preacher students, take notice: Brother Dixon, to my knowledge, has never repented for jailing a brother for teaching what he believed to be the truth. Do you still believe FHC has an open forum? Some thought it strange when brother Dixon encouraged court proceedings at Spring Creek, Tennessee. Should any wonder, when he had a brother thrown in jail after inviting him to the Lectures? The only charge brother Dixon had was "his teaching." If you go to the FHC "open forum" you may as well wear your own gag. Too, it might be a good idea to bring enough money to bail yourself out of the local cooler.

One of the preacher students of FHC has challenged me for a private debate in some home. I suggested we have a debate here in Henderson and invite all who wish to come. That if it be good for a few in a private home, it would be good for all. Hence, though the propositions have not been signed, we may yet get a debate here in Henderson.

I appreciate the courage of Brother Meredith, the preacher that challenged me. He has more courage than the faculty at FHC has shown.