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November 23, 1961

Book Reviews

Gordon Wilson, 12031 Jefferson Blvd., Culver City, Calif.

Bible Biographies, By W. M. Taylor. Published By Baker Book House, $2.95.

These volumes are a classic series of biographical sermons whose author is well known for ability and scholarship. Many of his books of sermons as well as his works on the miracles and parables are in my library and I have profited considerably from a study of them. The series under review runs to eight volumes, each devoted to a thorough study of the history of a great character of the Bible. The first two of these volumes have been sent to me.

MOSES THE LAW GIVER is a group of sermons dealing with the life of Moses beginning with his birth in chapter one and continuing to his death and burial in chapter twenty-five. Another chapter is then added which deals with some of the outstanding characteristics of Moses. In his discussion the author does not take either a sentimental or a biased approach, but presents the facts as they are set forth- in the Bible and contemporary history. Much background information is given which is helpful in understanding this great Bible personage. The book deals with most of the important textual, doctrinal, critical, and practical problems connected with the Penteteuchal account of Moses.

JOSEPH, THE PRIME MINISTER does for this character what the other volume does for Moses. It gives an account of Joseph's life from birth to death. Most of us have in our arsenal one or two sermons on Joseph, usually illustrative of the Providence of God. But here are fifteen sermons about Joseph, dealing with many different thoughts and subjects to a large number of applications. Especially interesting to me is the chapter on the blessings given by the dying Jacob to his sons and to some of his grandsons. The import of these blessings is discussed and arguments produced on the prophetic nature of them. Some of us who have had a little difficulty understanding Genesis chapters 48 and 49 should benefit from this study. Egyptian customs of the time receive just treatment also in this book.

Both of these books (and I assume the entire series) are completely indexed, and are nicely bound at this reasonable price. You can order from the Gospel Guardian, P. O. Box 980, Lufkin, Texas.