Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 5, 1961

Florida Christian College

Wm. E. Wallace, Poteau, Oklahoma

What is Florida Christian College good for? It is good for a lot of things. Florida Christian College is good as a high quality scholastic institution where young people can get a start in higher education under sound religious influences. The college has served to encourage and inspire those who contend for legitimate New Testament congregations. This is true because the personnel who are connected with the school are known for the insistence on modern day applications of New Testament principles in every phase of Christian and congregational activity.

The Florida school has proven its worth in what it does for young people, by its perseverance under and in spite of adverse and critical pressures, by its recognition of the principles of separation of church and human institution, by its conservative influence in the face of liberal innovations which trouble the people of God.

The institution, or the administrative and teaching personnel, has performed well, and withstood well the discouraging and divisive elements from without and from within — elements which would destroy the worth of the school to the conservative cause.

Because of its existence as a type of institution which has led the way for so many departures from the faith, Florida Christian College often finds itself in embarrassing or problematic situations and circumstances. Constantly the recipient of liberal abuse, occasionally the object of conservative criticism, Florida Christian College has endured well.

I have not approved of every policy of Florida Christian College, of every facet of every phase of its activities, but I consider myself a moral supporter of this school because of what it means to the plea for the cause of New Testament authority.

Brethren have a right to justly criticize Florida Christian College, but brethren who live under the same boycott under which Florida Christian College labors ought to consider carefully the expediency and advisability of public expressions of misgiving about our collegiate ally.

We are caught in a major contention with liberal elements. This situation will continue for a long time. It appears to me that the conservative cause is on the upswing. Florida Christian College is contributing to this improving situation. It is not good to add to its burdens the weight of public criticism from those who fight on the same side. Florida Christian College continues to face and conquer the various operational problems. Let us not make the way more difficult for the institution by inadvisable public presentation of criticism. Best judgment calls for us to direct our criticism and suggestions directly to the administrative personnel.

I write these lines because I am a supporter of the school and desire to work in best interest of its perpetuity...and because I have a guilty conscience in being a little behind in my "living links" pledge to the school!