Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 31, 1961
NUMBER 17, PAGE 7,10


Dear Brother Tant:

The little word "only" has been pernicious in religion. It has been added to the scriptures by men in an effort to advance the doctrine of faith only. This little word found its way into my article, "Behind Our Faith," which appeared on the front page of the July 13th issue of the Gospel Guardian, and appears like this: "Thus this spiritual part, the real man within the body, lives not only by that which man supplies, but is wholly dependent for means to live upon the words that come from God." The word "only" was not in the article as it was written. Other mistakes were clearly printer's errors, and need not be corrected. But I would appreciate it if you would print a correction of this error.

W. P. Risener

Orange, Texas

* * *

Mr. Yater Tant P. O. Box 980 Lufkin, Texas

Dear Mr. Tant Mr. Boyd Woods loaned me your book, "J. D. Tant — Texas Preacher." I finished reading it last night and I want you to know that it was one of the most interesting books I have ever read.

Your father would call me a digressive (I am a member of the First Christian Church in Corpus Christi), because I disagree with many of your wonderful dad's convictions. However, there is no doubt in my mind that he will walk in heaven with many of the disciples of long ago. He was truly a man of and for God.

I wish I could have known your father. I wish I could have heard him preach and debate. How proud you must be of him.

If you are ever in our city, please stop by and see us.

Cordially yours, Ira R. Fisher, Jr.,

President Citizens Standard Life Insurance Co.

* * *

Gibsonburg, Ohio Dear Brother Tant:

In order to further spread the truth in this area, I list the following congregations and individuals that I am quite sure are holding steadfast. It may be that some of the readers of the Gospel Guardian may be able to direct friends or relatives who live in the area to one of these faithful groups:

Toledo, Ohio — West Toledo Church of Christ, 4444 Jackman Road, Toledo, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio — Mail to Paul Canter, Box 748, Lakeside, Ohio

Clyde, Ohio — Mail to E. C. Jordan, RFD No. 1, Clyde, Ohio

Tiffin, Ohio — Mail to P. O. Box 99, Tiffin, Ohio

Norwalk, Ohio — Mail to Robert E. Lee, 40 Parsons Dr., Norwalk, Ohio

Kindest regards, Roy E. Corns

* * *

Dear Sirs:

In the early 1950's there appeared in your magazine the notice of a congregation among the churches of Christ that uses one cup in the communion, does not have Sunday School, but does practice the holy kiss and foot-washing. Could any one please tell me how to get in touch with this congregation? The address of one of the leaders if possible. Thank you.

Yours truly, David TrAyler

921 N. Wall Street Belton, Texas

(Editor's note: There used to be a small group in the vicinity of Hickory, North Carolina, who practiced the "holy kiss" as a part of their worship. Can somebody in that area supply our enquirer with the name and address of the brethren in this group?)

* * *

San Diego, California Dear Brother Tant:

I would like to work full time in, preaching and teaching the word of God. My wife, my two children, and I will go anywhere our services are needed to further the gospel. I am thirty-six years old; my wife thirty. She is an excellent teacher, and particularly good with children.

My claim is not to be an eloquent speaker, but I do know the truth and am able to teach it and preach it. My experience has been with various congregations, as preacher, teacher, and song leader. At present I am serving as a teacher in the Ocean Beach congregation in San Diego. I am not "institutional," and believe in doing the work of the Lord in accordance with the Bible. I have a degree with a major in History from the San Diego State College. Anyone interested may write me or call me at ATwater 1-6897. Would appreciate your printing this brief note.

Sincerely yours, J. W. Middleton, Jr.

4164 Dwight Street San Diego 5, California

Abilene, Texas Editor, Gospel Garbage Lufkin, Texas

"Concerning the subject of saints,

We know that there's is-es, and aints

— We must judge by troubles

And this goes for Tant doubles

— Whatever he touches, he taints."

— Regus P.

* *

2025 Bronson Blvd.

Kalamazoo, Michigan Dear Brother Tant:

I was at my brother's home in Beamsville, Ontario, a few days before he died, and he gave me a copy of your Gospel Guardian. I baptized my brother some 58 years ago. He made a good job of his life.

I have tried to be a Christian minister and have spent 69 years with about equal time among the three major groups of our people. I was baptized by a group just separating themselves from what is now the "co-operation brethren." I remained with this group for 20 years and baptized many during that time. Then when my brethren cast me out because I said: "Unity is more important than either side of this controversy," I found myself lined up with the "Independents." But when I accepted a part of my salary from the Home Department of the United Christian Missionary Society, the Independents lopped me off. But in spite of all this, I am your brother in Christ.

I was evangelist for the Harper College in 1920, 1921, and 1922. Brother B. F. Rhodes, a fine Greek scholar and a good friend to us all, said to me when I asked him about psallo: "Brother McGarvey told us in his class that this Greek word made him doubt the righteousness of dividing over the instrument."

This statement shook me. And I set myself to study it. What could I do, brother? And what could you do? When you find that "psallo" means "to play on a stringed instrument," and that it has been so understood for 2500 years. And 1 Corinthians 14:26 suggests instrumental music for a congregational meeting. The instrument is implied in Psalm 137, and in many other places. A mechanical instrument is in the word "psallo" just like immersion is in the word "baptizo" — and more so, because there are less relating ideas in psallo than in baptize. The Greek lexicons and dictionaries show plainly this fact. Compare them!

Our non-instrumental brethren (called "anti" by the partisan and less spiritually minded men among us) have insisted that the "New Testament command; us to sing in worship," and that "the instrument was purposely left out." But there is no command to "sing in worship" that is specific; and the instrument is most specifically included in any command to sing.

I wish you would help get all these groups together. And we could then preach the unity message of the New Testament.

Sincerely, your brother M. Watterworth

(Editor's note: The writer of the above letter is a brother in the flesh to the beloved Charles Watterworth of Beamsville, Ontario, who for many years was a stalwart soldier of Christ in Ontario Province. It was a matter of deep concern to Charles Watterworth that this brother, whom he loved so deeply, was involved in the errors and mistakes of the Christian Church. The arguments he uses in this letter are such as were met and exploded by faithful men of the last century.

Of particular interest to us, however — and, really, our reason for printing his letter — was the quotation from J. W. McGarvey, as related by B. F. Rhodes. McGarvey was fully convinced the instrument was without Bible authority; but instead of fighting it with all the power of his mighty intellect and towering influence, he tried to take a "middle of the road" course — opposing it, yet worshipping where it was used. As a result his influence for good was nullified, his usefulness as a soldier of Christ on this battlefront was completely lost. Let modern "middle of the roaders" take warning. As between right and wrong, truth and error, there is no middle ground!)

* * *

1161 Boston Street, Aurora, Colorado Dear Yater:

I had not intended to say anything about my little heart attack in order that it not disturb any of my friends. But the rumors seem to grow with every passing day; so I'll just set the record straight. While I was in a meeting in Flagstaff, Arizona, early in June, I had a slight disturbance of some sort. Extensive examinations show no heart damage at all. The only thing they found wrong was that my cholesterol count is high. So I'm on diet. Otherwise I'm feeling fine and working as usual. Perhaps a brief note to this effect in the Guardian will allay the uneasiness so many of my friends are expressing. Thanks.

Harry W. Pickup, Jr.


Irvin Himmel, 900 Smithshire, St. Louis 35, Missouri, August 14, 1961: In recent weeks I have preached in meetings at Warrenton, Mo., (one restored) and Hickory Grove near Alton, Mo., (three baptized). One was baptized here at Ferguson while I was away. The Ferguson church has bought a new building site in nearby Hazelwood, Mo. As Soon as our present location can be sold we plan to begin the new building.