Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 9, 1960

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

From the Brownfield News-Herald we note that the Girls' Training Union of Crescent Hill Church of Christ was entertained with a Saturday breakfast at the home of their teacher. No doubt this is old hat to many brethren, but just what is a "GTU" of the Church of Christ? And if they have a GTU for girls, why not a BTU for the boys — or would some nasty old anti think they were talking about the heating capacity of the floor furnace?

Apes of wrath

One of our well-wishers has come up with a new name for Cogdill and Tant. He thinks they should go down in history as the "apes of wrath". Which is as close to a Biblical expression as anything we've had from this friend in many a moon.

Order of worship

The stranger in the pew was obviously a bit uncertain as to the order of worship. "What comes after the sermon?" he whispered to his neighbor. "Tomorrow," was the bored reply.

"Please don't tell me"

From somewhere we picked up what appeals to us as a fitting prayer for some of our institutional brethren who are running in circles. "Forgive me, Father, for I know not what I am doing. And please don't tell me."

Papal ruling

One of the best suggestions we've seen yet on the "Kennedy for President" matter is that the Pope issue an "ex cathedra" ruling as to whether or not a loyal Catholic person is obligated to recognize the temporal (political) sovereignty of the papacy. The Pope dare not say "No", for he would then be surrendering the whole ground which Catholicism has so fiercely defended since the days of Hildebrand. He dare not say "yes", for that would be a deathblow to Kennedy's aspirations. We predict: Vatican silence!

Apology to Brother Lemmons

In an editorial note of April 28 we had some unfavorable comments on what appeared to us to be a plain contradiction in a Firm Foundation article in which Brother Lemmons declared that the Lord's apostles were not baptized, and then a few paragraphs further on mentioned the baptism of "the twelve". Three different readers called to our attention that Brother Lemmons might have meant the "twelve men" whom Paul baptized at Ephesus rather than the twelve apostles. They felt that it was possible to so construe his language. That being the case, we withdraw our comments on this point, offer apology for them — and will hope that his numerous other apparent contradictions can find some equally rational and acceptable explanations. (And thanks to those who wrote us; we appreciate the confidence of those who write the expectation that correction will be made. That's the way we want it!)

Product of Boles Home

"Our attention was recently called to an incident that would seem to puncture the 'end justifies the means' argument insofar as it relates to 'our' benevolent societies. In a recent issue of the Jacksonville Progress, Jacksonville, Texas was a political advertisement on behalf of one of the candidates for sheriff of Cherokee County. The advertisement listed the candidates qualifications. One of them is, 'Reared at Boles Orphans Home which is a church supported home at Greenville, Texas' The next qualification listed, immediately following the preceding, is, 'Sunday School Teacher in the Senior Youth Department, First Methodist Church, Jacksonville' ." — George T. Jones.

Church swimming pool?

We continue to hear reports about churches giving serious study to the idea of putting in "church swimming pools". One of the big Texas churches supposedly rejected the swimming pool on the basis of the expose involved plus the fact that "the brotherhood isn't ready for it yet." Now we hear of a California church giving serious study to the possibility of a pool; and the architects sketches were submitted some time ago for consideration. Whether it comes this year, or next, or the next, you can be might sure that such pools WILL come. Why not? If churches are to have recreation centers, why object to swimming pools?

"They are slaves" "They are slaves who fear to speak, For the fallen and the weak; They are slaves who will not choose, Hatred, scoffing and abuse, Rather than in silence shrink From a truth they needs must think; They are slaves who dare not be In the right with two or three." — Lowell Good editorial

Just to even things up a bit, let us offer congratulations to Brother Reuel Lemmons for his excellent editorial "Church Action Verses Individual Action". We will find space for it in the Guardian shortly; it is the sort of fundamental truth which we delight to publish. (And we doubt not such editorials are a constant irritation to many of Reuel's liberal friends supporters and co-workers.. . such brethren as those who are beating the drums for "Church of Christ Hospitals" etc.)


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