Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 20, 1961

The Church

B. M. Strother, Bonham, Texas

I have lived to see the church denominated by our younger generation of preachers, trying to imp the denominations. More than one hundred times "the church" is mentioned. More than one hundred times is "the kingdom" mentioned in the New Testament, but not once is "The Church of Christ" mentioned. Sixty years ago, strong preachers defended "the church" as the church name.

Their argument was that "the," a definite article, was both inclusive and exclusive, hence fixed the expression "the church" as final and without suffix or affix, distinguished from all other societies. John W. Denton was accustomed to take with him a satchel of books as well as his blackboard. He was approached on the train by a "divine" who seated himself by brother Denton and opened the conversation by asking, "Seeing you are evidently a preacher, may I ask to what branch of the church do you belong?" Brother Denton replied that he belonged to the church, but he had a friend who had a dog that belonged to a branch of the church." Wonder have we begun to think that "The Church of Christ" is a branch of The Church? Many appear to so class themselves.