Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 8, 1960

A New Church In Tyler, Texas

Robert L. McDonald, Lufkin, Texas

On Sunday morning, November 6, 1960, a small group of saints and their families met for the first time to worship and serve the Lord as a church of Christ in Tyler, Texas. There were twenty-seven present the first Sunday and twenty-six the following Lord's day. Ten days later, a commercial building located on Bow Street and Van Highway was rented as a temporary meeting place for this new congregation.

There are four churches in Tyler which have been swept away by liberalism. Softness and a compromising spirit has characterized the preaching in Tyler for the past several years. There was not a single church in Tyler with which honest brethren could work and worship as the New Testament directs. As brethren would move to Tyler, they would go from church to church, hoping against hope, to find a group of people who loved and would stand for the truth of our Lord. As they found these congregations with liberal leadership and sectarian practices, they wept for the pitiful condition of the churches and called for help so they could worship and serve the true and living God in a way acceptable, well pleasing to Him.

We are persuaded there are many brethren in Tyler who have convictions for truth and righteousness and are most anxious to know of the beginning of this congregation. If any know of brethren in Tyler who would be interested in learning more of this work, inform them of the meeting place and/or to contact brother Bob Templeton, telephone LY 3-4904, Tyler, Texas. When passing through Tyler, worship with this congregation.