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November 24, 1960

Correcting An Injustice

Elders, Franklin Road Church, Nashville, Tennessee

Mr. Yater Tant, Editor The Gospel Guardian Lufkin, Texas Dear Brother Tant:

As you know, G. K. Wallace wrote an article which appeared in the Gospel Advocate issue dated March 3, 1960 entitled "Saviors of Nashville." In this article, he made many assertions concerning a Gospel Meeting which was conducted here during October of last year. We felt that his article was filled with gross misrepresentations that should have been corrected, whereupon, we wrote him on March 27th, as per the attached copy. A copy of our letter to brother Wallace was mailed to the Gospel Advocate to the attention of the Editor with a covering letter reading as follows:


Herewith enclosed is a reply to Brother G. K. Wallace's article which appeared in the Advocate issue of March 3, 1960.

We request that this reply be acknowledged and printed in the Advocate as soon as possible, in fairness to this congregation.

Respectfully yours,"

We hold a registered mail receipt of delivery of our letter to G. K. Wallace but never received an answer from him, nor did we receive an acknowledgment from the Editor of the Gospel Advocate and no effort on their part has been made to deal fairly with us in making known our reply. Regardless of their opinions or convictions, we felt that some effort to correct the misrepresentations should have been made.

Inasmuch, as this congregation and those who participated in the meeting referred to have been damaged by G. K. Wallace's article and that repercussions unfavorable toward those involved continue, we are passing this information on to you with the request that you reprint our reply and make it known to your readers, with the hope that some of this injustice will be corrected.

Sincerely yours,

Franklin Road Church Of Christ

(Signed) A. F. McDonald For the elders.

Mr. G. K. Wallace.

C/o Freed-Hardeman College, Henderson, Tennessee.

Dear Brother Wallace:

Rather than get into a lengthy discussion with you concerning your article which appeared in the Gospel Advocate issue of March 3, 1960, we should like to say just a few words in reply.

Your designation of the term "The Saviors of Nashville" is your responsibility before God, just as you are responsible before God for all the other gross misrepresentations and deceit contained in your article, concerning this congregation and the meeting it conducted last October which you did not attend once.

It would be impossible for us to enumerate the amount of good work done by this congregation from the very first day it met. The Lord knows of our work and to him be the glory. In addition to the Lord, many local congregations know of our work in the care of orphans and other destitutes. Also, many others know of our efforts in supporting preachers of the gospel in other places. Too, during the past year, we were the major contributor in sending an evangelist to Australia and for over five years assisted an evangelist in Korea. Presently, we fully support one man, in addition to assisting in the support of eight other preachers of the gospel in other places. We were cooperating with many other congregations in carrying on most of this work.

As suggested in the last paragraph of your article, brother Campbell is willing and ready to exchange pulpits with any preacher in Nashville to present the conflicting views to the people. We are certain that other preachers would be willing to do the same.

To say anything further to you on the matter would be beneath the dignity of elders of the work of the Lord at this place.

Respectfully yours,


A. F. McDonald D. H. Shelton

F. R. Zapp, Sr., elders CC: Gospel Advocate Co.