Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 10, 1960

Central Needs Help

Malcolm S. King, Burkeville, Texas

I have on my desk an appeal for help. It seems that Central Church of Christ, which meets at 4100 Montrose Boulevard in Houston, Texas, is in bad need of help. They have sent out an urgent appeal to congregations throughout the nation to give them a hand in the work they have set out to do.

Central Church is one of the largest and richest (in a material way) in the Houston area, if not in the world. Yet we find them in need. They determined some months ago to bestow benevolence and aid upon the aged. But after going to the enormous expense of building facilities for this work, they find something lacking. Yea, two things are lacking; (1) they do not have sufficient funds to maintain their facilities, and (2) they do not have any aged people on whom to bestow their benevolence! Here are some statements from their own public releases:

"The Christian Home for the aged is completed and in operation with nine residents."

"We are now laboring through the difficult problem of organizing for day-today operation, and our lack of experience in this new work has not made the problem easier. As we work through the task of finding sixty-three aging saints who will make the home their home, the expenses of operation and mortgage retirement continue in an amount almost as large as would be required with full occupancy."

Now, there you have it: not enough money to do benevolence, and no "aging saint" on whom to bestow it! Yes, brethren, Central needs help!

(Editor's note: When this project was being started Central officials declared that they would make no distinctions as to creed or faith of those seeking entrance. We opine that it will not be too difficult for them to fill their rooms with what they consider "aging saints" in view of their expressed willingness to accept Jews, Catholics, atheists, Mormons, and Mohammedans indiscriminately. By the way, do you suppose they will accept any Dukhobors into their number?)