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September 22, 1960

Non-Profit Foundation Acquires Two Hospitals

(Newspaper Article From "Southwest Wave")

Acquisition of the Morningside hospital, 8711 South Harvard boulevard, and Manchester Medical hospital, 1722 West Eighty-Seventh street, by the California Christian Foundation which will operate the two institutions in cooperation with the present owners, was announced this week by Dr. Joseph M. Applegate, minister of Crenshaw Christian Church for the past 30 years, and president of the Foundation.

Hospitals will be known as the Morningside Christian Hospital and the Manchester Christian Hospital, and both will be operated as non-profit organizations, Dr. Applegate said. Eventually, the Foundation plans to consolidate the two hospitals into one entity, which would then give the Southwest a hospital of 138 beds, and provide for the community complete facilities of medical, surgical, obstetrical, convalescent, as well as 24-hour emergency service.

Announcement of the acquisition of the hospitals by the Foundation came after weeks of negotiations with the board of directors of Morningside Hospital, and Manchester Hospital limited partnership group.

Acquisition of the two hospitals marks the second in the United States by the Christian Church, one hospital being operated in St. Louis, Missouri.


Other officers of the California Christian Foundation are Dr. M. Norvel Young, president of Pepperdine College, vice-president; Dr. Hugh D. Morgan, minister of the First Christian Church of Inglewood, secretary; Ford P. Cady, M. D., treasurer; and the board of directors including William L. Allen, M. D., the Reverend George Russell Barber, minister of the Pico-Rivera Christian Church; Harold W. Dellett, vice-president Aircraft Tools; O. V. Melton, of Walt Disney Productions, and V. C. Tillmanns, M. D.

Dr. Applegate said that various committees will be formed to assist the Foundation with the hospital operations including an advisory committee, a group of service club representatives, local business, industrial committee, and a women's auxiliary.

Plans are also under way to establish a nurses' home, and use the two hospitals as a training center for nurses.

General Purposes

Dr. Applegate stated that the general purposes of the Foundation are to provide hospitals in the community for the welfare and benefit of persons in the Southwest, and to provide increased hospital facilities.

Funds coming into the foundation will be used exclusively for charity, religious, scientific and educational purposes, with a portion of the funds going to George Pepperdine College.

"Through these channels, the Foundation will serve the community in two ways, by providing adequate hospital facilities, and the making of available funds for Christian education, scientific resources, and such- other allied projects as may be designated from time to time by the board of directors."


Dr. Ralph L. Bennett, executive director of Morning-side Hospital stated he was very optimistic about the association with the California Christian Foundation and he is expecting the association to make for a much more complete and advanced hospital.

Dr. James F. Peacock, general partner in the Manchester Medical Hospital, stated he felt the new arrangement is a great step forward for the benefit of Southwest Los Angeles, and that it would result in improved hospital facilities for the area, give the medical profession a better service, and would service the community through the purposes for which the California Christian Foundation was formed.