Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 14, 1960
NUMBER 10, PAGE 6-7b


Hoyt H. Houchen, Lufkin, Texas, June 8, 1960. After three years with the Fourth and Groesbeck church in Lufkin, Texas, I am leaving to work with the North Park church in Abilene, Texas. Fourth and Groesbeck has two good sound elders, Brother Roscoe Davis and Brother Clyde Hutson. It has been a pleasure to work with them and the Fourth and Groesbeck church. Brother Robert H. Farish of San Bernardino, California, will begin work with Fourth and Groesbeck on July 24. I pray for him and the good brethren here a happy and successful work for the Lord. I am to begin with North Park in Abilene on June 19. After June 15 my new address will be 2941 Grape Street, Abilene, Texas. Correspondents please take note."

James L. Denison, Box 516, Boling, Texas: "On May 1, I closed a meeting at Opelousas, La., with two responses: one restoration and one baptism. On May 13, I closed a meeting with the Nelson Street church in Garden Grove, Calif., with five responses: all restorations and confessions of wrongs. On July 24, I begin a meeting with the Midway congregation at Lake Butler, Fla.

Gus S. August, May 14, 1960, Lebanon, Oregon: "We need an evangelist who is not afraid to support himself in part to come to Lebanon, Oregon and help us make the church here grow faster than it has ever grown before.

Recently we moved into large, comfortable quarters near the main streets of the city. Since that time, six young people have been baptized into Christ, a family has placed its allegiance with this congregation and several visitors attend almost every service of the church.

A few months ago our evangelist, Bro. M. A. Wright, lost his wife by death. As a result, he has moved closer to his children in the Salt Lake City area so that they can help him overcome his sorrow.

Men of the congregation have been filling in as best they can, which is well but not as good as if we had an experienced evangelist who could direct us in the work of the church.

The congregation has about 75 persons. We can partially support a man if he is willing to work part time to supply the rest of his needs. As the right man directs our energies in the right paths and the church continues to grow, we plan to set aside more for his support.

We are not interested in hobby riders nor in those who are not willing to do their share of the work. If you are looking for a "soft" preaching job, this pioneer field is no place for you.

If you are interested in furthering the cause of Christ in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon, Please write the church at P. O. Box 121, Lebanon, Oregon.

Please give all particulars in the first letter, including names of at least three references. Each reply will be considered and investigated.

T. Pierce Brown, 413 E. Main Street, Manchester, Tenn.: "The elders of the Fort Street Church in Manchester sent me for an eleven day meeting with the church in Wilmington, N. C.

Although there were no additions, subtractions, multiplications or division which we could see, the brethren there seemed to feel that it was a very successful meeting in terms of interest aroused for more intensive work for the Lord. We planned with Bro. Sewell a more intensive program of personal evangelism to be carried out by the members there, and although this is one of the most difficult mission fields in which I have worked, we have hopes for the success of the planned program. In my judgment, Bro. Sewell is one of the most faithful, humble, consecrated and self-sacrificing workers with whom it has been my pleasure to work. He should be encouraged by words and deeds to stay in that field where his labors are beginning to bear fruit."

Tom Montgomery, P. O. Box 321, So. Tacoma 9, Wn., June 7, 1960. Lowell D. Williams, Beaverton, Oregon and Johnnie B. Gibbs, Greenlake, Seattle, Wn., have agreed to enter a written discussion on some of the church cooperation questions. These men are both laboring for the Lord in the Northwest. They have shown their qualifications to engage in such a discussion in a Christ-like manner and without the use of personalities. Such a discussion when held on a high plane and with the use of God's word will be of great benefit and value to individual Christians. This written debate is being printed in the NORTHWEST CHURCH NEWS. Those wishing a copy of the NORTHWEST CHURCH NEWS should make their request known to me at the above address.

Johnnie B. Gibbs will affirm and Lowell D. Williams will deny the following proposition. Resolved: "It is in harmony with the Scriptures for churches of Christ to use the type of church cooperation in evangelism as is being used to continue the Herald of Truth program." The following proposition will be affirmed by Lowell D. Williams and denied by Johnnie B. Gibbs. "According to the Scriptures, churches of Christ, each acting in its congregational capacity, are adequate to accomplish all the work of benevolence that God has given the church to do. And they should do this work without delegating it by the contributions of their funds to benevolent organizations." Each participant will have equal space for at least the next six months in each issue of the NORTHWEST CHURCH NEWS. An oral debate is being arranged for a future date in the Seattle area.

Wm. E. Wallace, Box 407, Poteau, Oklahoma: "I will begin work in Poteau, Oklahoma July 1, 1960. I am leaving a pleasant and profitable work in McAlester, Oklahoma. The Southside congregation in McAlester has doubled in membership and attendance the past 18 months. The relationship between the congregations is not as bitter as it has been. Southside congregation is in McAlester to stay and it will serve as a source of encouragement for other congregations in the area which endeavor to follow the conservative paths of New Testament authority. J. R. "Ronnie" Pope, moving from Cardwell, Missouri, will follow me in the work in McAlester. I am confident the work will continue to prosper with Brother Pope leading the way. There is no reason why congregations in these trouble spots cannot grow. I follow my good friend, Charles G. Caldwell, Jr., in Poteau. Brother Caldwell is moving to Columbus, Georgia to work with the Rose Hill congregation. He will be a great influence for New Testament authority in that area. Note my change of address as of July 1."

In Behalf Of Bro. W. W. Otey

Judson Woodbridge, Mulvane, Kansas: "A few months ago Bro. Otey's need for assistance was made known through the Guardian. The response was generous, so much so, that the family felt enough had been sent for his care: thus, they asked that the donations cease. But in the 16 months of Bro. Otey's illness $7000.00 have been spent, which means that his home and the money donated will be depleted within about six weeks. His condition remains about the same with exception he has developed diabetes, which adds $90.00 a month to the expenses. When the money is gone it will be necessary for Bro. Otey to be taken care of by the State, or more money to be in the hands of his daughter. Mrs. Verna Hammer, 305 E. 7th, Winfield, Kansas, for his care. We believe the brethren will want to provide for this soldier of the cross, and as before, the money will be coming in such generous proportions, that Bro. Otey will have no worries about his needs. Let us rally to assist this one who has stood for the truth and sacrificed to carry the gospel to the lost.

Peter J. Wilson, Ontario, Calif.: "Effective July 5, I will be leaving the Ontario congregation to begin work with the Rose Ave. congregation in Bellflower, Calif. Our work in Ontario has been very encouraging and pleasant and we will miss these good people very much. The Ontario congregation is blessed with a sounds and faithful eldership, men who stand solidly behind the preaching of the truth and whose personal friendship I regard highly. Bro. Ted Beever, of Novato, Calif. will follow me in the work here. Correspondents will note that my new address will be 10038 Rose Ave., Bellflower, Calif.'

Ernest A. Finley, 6263 E. Latimer St., Tulsa, Okla: "May 1-11. I assisted the West End church in Bowling Green, Ky., in a gospel meeting. Five were baptized, three restored, and one placed membership. Interest was high. A great deal of work was done before and during the meeting to make it a success. Other congregations of the city supported the meeting. Brother Wesley Jones, preacher for this congregation, worked hard before and during the meeting to keep interest at a high level. Harold Tabor made a very substantial contribution to the success of the meeting by doing an excellent job with the song directing. My association with this congregation and the good brethren there and those who were associated with the congregation during the meeting shall be long remembered."

Roy L. Foutz, 3912 Wellington, Greenville, Texas: "After eight years in the deep East Texas area, (five in Nacogdoches and three in Center) I have moved to Greenville and am now working with the Southside church here. It was established four years ago, and the prospects for the future are good. Bob Bolton and James Pleasants have formerly preached here, and they have done good works. This is my second time to live and work in Greenville, having preached for the Henry Street (now Walnut Street) church in 1942 and 1943'

Harold V. Trimble, Sunday, May 22, 1960, the newest congregation in San Antonio had its beginning. The stucco house on the corner of Cedarhurst and Farrell in Lackland City rang with praises as we sang and prayed with thanksgiving to God.

It has been, and is, our purpose to establish new congregations, set them in order, and obtain a house in which to worship and also one for the Preacher.

M. Roy Stevens of Haynesville, Louisiana, will succeed me in Woodlawn Hills sometime during the summer. In the meantime John Fisk is doing excellent work there.

We are the closest congregation to Lackland Air Force Base and we serve an area where the closest congregations are six and ten miles from us.

The Lord willing I shall serve through the coming year preaching and teaching from house to house with services at ten and eleven A. M. and six P. M. each Sunday. Highland is supporting me in the effort.