Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 21, 1960


Thomas F. Shropshire, P. O. Box 1836, Edna, Texas: March 1, 1960. I have now been working as preacher with the church in Edna for six months. The work thus far has been pleasant and the prospects look good for the accomplishment of much in the way of gospel work. In the past six months five have been baptized, several have acknowledged sins, repented and have been restored. There have been a few who have moved in and have become associated with the congregation. A few have been lost to neighboring congregations where they do not have to listen to the truth on current issues. Over all we would say that the congregation is in excellent shape. The elders and deacons are fine Christian gentlemen, consecrated to the cause of Christ and sound in the faith. Our spring meeting is scheduled for April 11-20 with Robert L. McDonald to do the preaching.

An Apology

Church of Christ, Hogaboom Road, Groves, Texas: Dear Brethren: We, the elders of the 39th street Congregation, Groves, Texas are sending this letter in the name of The Congregation as a statement relative to the lawsuit that was brought against you in the past: We ask that this letter be read from your pulpit and inform you that it will appear in all church papers over the brotherhood. Be it known to all who were in any way affected, directly or indirectly, by the lawsuit brought against you or the Members meeting at the Hogaboom Road Congregation that we the elders, speaking for the Congregation meeting at 39th street are deeply sorry that we went to the law with you. We ask that this act be remembered against us no more and that God witness that we have asked forgiveness of you. We know of nothing else that the Bible requires except to acknowledge our errors and this we have and are here-in doing. Bruce Ham, Felix Wiggins. Written for the Elders by Marvine Kelley.

In Memory

That the brethren may know of the passing of a noble soldier of the Cross. Cecil Dale Smith first saw the light of day on April 7th, 1907. He was born at Colgate, Oklahoma. His untimely death occurred on March 4th, 1960 in Carlsbad, New Mexico, where he was laid to rest, and await the morning of that great new day. Bro. Smith was baptized at Clovis, New Mexico, in 1940 by Bro. M. C. Cuthbertson. Almost at once his interest was kindled for a greater knowledge of the word of God. He was intent to let the word speak for itself never doubting. He had spent many years preaching the gospel, and this work had carried him thru the states of New Mexico, Texas and Florida. Bro. Smith was laid low by a stroke about two years ago, and was never to be himself again. Almost complete loss of speech together with the loss of the use of his right leg and arm never turned him from the course that he pursued till the time of the second stroke which resulted in his death. Time alone can account for the good that was done by this man of God. A closer friend I have never known and can only say that this world is a better place to live in because of him. May the peace of God abide those who are left to mourn his passing. Joe R. Hunter.

Paul Reiff, Box 544, Sumner, Washington, March 14, 1960: The brethren here in Sumner desire to contact gospel preachers who are interested in full time evangelistic work in this community. The church in Sumner, Washington has continued to grow in number, and we feel spiritually also, since its beginning in April of 1955. As in all congregations, there are some here that do not have the Lord's work at heart. However, a majority of the members are faithful and zealous workers in the Lord's vineyard. There are about 54 faithful members. The average monthly contribution in 1959 was about $468. Sumner is located about ten miles Southeast of Tacoma in the Pudget Sound region, which enjoys a mild climate the year round. Any notice you can give of this will be sincerely appreciated. Anyone desiring further information may write to: Church of Christ, P. O. Box 554, Sumner, Washington.


The Lord willing, I shall assist the University Area church in Memphis, Tennessee in a gospel meeting, April 18-24. This congregation meets in a converted store building at 884 Linden. This is a thriving church and they stand solidly for the truth. Do you have relatives or friends in the Memphis area? If so, write them at once and tell them of this meeting and urge them to attend. Do so today! Charles A. Holt.

Foy W. Vinson, 146 Indian Drive, Elgin, Illinois, March 17: The Lord's church in Elgin has its first permanent meeting place in a city which is 125 years old. We met in the new building for the first time February 24th. It is a brick building with a basement and it has a seating capacity of 280. The church here is only four years old and numbers about 70 members. Last Lord's day we set two new records with 109 for Bible Classes and a contribution of $214.12. Our spring meeting will be conducted April 18th-24th with my brother, Bryan Vinson, Jr. of Aurora, Illinois doing the preaching.

Thomas C. Hickey Jr., 1214 NE Madison Avenue, Peoria, Illinois: We are happy to report that a debate is in progress here in Peoria. The disputants are (Elder) Scott Bergeson of the church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints and Brother Carrol R. Sutton of the church of Christ. The propositions are as follows: Yesterday Elder Scott Bergeson affirmed "That Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God." Of course, Brother Sutton denied that to be so. Next Sunday afternoon Brother Sutton will affirm "That the New Testament is the complete standard of authority in religious matters today." Elder Bergeson will deny. The discussion yesterday was very well attended. Several outsiders were present for the debate. I have heard no unfavorable comments regarding the discussion. Many times brethren are antagonistic toward the idea of a debate; which ought not to be. Since this first half of the discussion, many have expressed their desire for discussions of this kind in the area. We trust that their desires may be gratified very shortly.

For the past five months Brother Sutton has been corresponding with Brother Guy N. Woods. There has been some problem in agreeing on the propositions and rules for discussions, but concrete progress is now being made and we trust that the debate will materialize in the very near future. The greatest problem now seems to be that of getting a "recognized" congregation in the area to endorse Brother Woods. (We hope that Bro. Woods has already made arrangements for that.) It would be well if brethren in Springfield or Decatur would endorse Bro. Woods so that there could be two debates; one in Peoria and one there. We feel this would be best. Those of you in this area should watch for further announcement of the discussion.

169 Main St. East Orange, N. J., March 31, 1960: During March we had our best attendance for some while. One was baptized and two identified. Richard Donley of White Plains, N. Y. will be with us for a meeting May 1-8. If you know of members of the church in Newark or the Oranges, we would appreciate having their names and addresses.