Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 17, 1960

All Books Intended For Review In This Column Should Be Sent To C. R. Nichol, Clifton. Texas

These Books May Be Ordered From The Gospel Guardian Company P. O. Box 980, Lufkin. Texas

GOD SPARE BY MOSES. An exposition of to Pentateuch. By Oswald T. Alis. A most desirable book, bound in "tag board" that it might be within the reach of all needing this book. It should be in the library of all Bible students, even those who are not ministers should have the book. I wish a copy was in the hands of every college student throughout the land. Too, if I could induce all teachers of "Science", especially those teaching Geology, to read the book, including the Appendix. Many people think of the book of Genesis as a history written by Moses, and that he lived in the days when the terms now used in the "scientific" language was in common use. The first five books in the Old Testament are discussed in a direct manner, with sufficient history for the student to fully appreciate the work of the author. Very few of the teachers of "Science" in our colleges have given time to reading the book of Genesis. The book deserves, and will have a wide circulation. Write for a copy at once.

HOW CAN GOD ANSWER PRAYER? By William Edwards Biederwolf. By Wm. E. Eerdmans Pub. Co. This book of 287 pages, cloth bound $2. is the most complete treatise on prayer that I have seen. I wish a copy of the book was in the home of every person through our land, as well as in other countries. If you have been negligent in your prayers, may I insist there is a reason, and I wish you would let me send you this book. I am persuaded it will help you. You will be improved by reading the bok.

A COMMENTARY ON THE MINOR PROPHETS. By E. B. Pusey. Baker Book House. 504 Pages. Cloth bound. Price: $3.50. A book chock full of information, which you will appreciate as you read the books: Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, and Malachi. With the help of this splendid book you will glean more from the Minor Prophets than you have. Possibly some of the readers have NEVER read these books. Spend $3.50 and possess books which will assist you in many ways.