Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 30, 1959
NUMBER 12, PAGE 4-5b

A Package Deal


For the last several years brethren have been watching with interest, turning to astonishment, as they have seen the gyrations and incredible performances of some among us who are loud in their claims of sticking "to the middle of the road". As the weeks turn into months that road grew wider, and wider, and wider — and its "middle" veers first to the ditch on the right, then to the ditch on the left, and finally clear out in the fields and over the hill!

All of which is simply another way of saying that certain brethren who a few years ago wanted to be "conservative" and at the same time "popular" have made the uncomfortable discovery that the social gospel promoters among us will brook no divergence from their policy — no, not for one inch! Support of the Herald of Truth, support of institutional orphan homes, support of the Gospel Press, support of youth recreation centers, support of Christian colleges (and eventually hospitals) support of sponsoring church cooperatives are a package deal — they all stand or fall together!

Some brethren have tried, for a time, to divide up this capsule, and take a part of it, while rejecting other items. They are discovering it cannot be done. And so, little by little, they are holding their noses and gagging down the whole unsavory dose — while loudly proclaiming that they have never changed at all! It is a bit disconcerting, to say the least, to see the solemnly pious mien with which brethren blandly assert that they are "right in the middle of the road" and have never budged one iota from that position, when even a child can see what has taken place in their thinking, teaching, and attitudes.

And, really, this is only the beginning! These brethren need to have both their conscience and their intelligence equipped with fluid drive as well as automatic transmissions; for the end is not yet in sight! For instance, only this week (this is being written in Apache, Oklahoma, the last week in June) we had a report on a preacher in a nearby town heaping abuse and wrath on the head of a Bible School teacher in that congregation who had taught that "there is no salvation except in the Lord's church". This preacher boldly asserted that there were thousands of godly, Christian people in the Methodist, Baptist, and other denominational churches — and opined that one big trouble with the "Church of Christ" was the ignorant, narrow-minded, "holier-than-thou" teaching of such men as the Bible teacher!

You may expect this sort of teaching to become increasingly common in "Church of Christ" pulpits. It is an inevitable accompaniment of the "social gospel" philosophy, being so skillfully promoted in so many of our Christian colleges — not all of them, however.

The humiliating spectacle of Brother Reuel Lemmons groveling at the feet of the Gospel Advocate hierarchy is but a case in point. It is quite conceivable that Brother Lemmons does not realize how wildly he has veered from position to position. Let us give him credit for being honestly unaware of that. We take it he is probably the only reader of the Firm Foundation who still clings to the notion that he has not changed! And let poor Guy Woods look well to his reverse gear; for he is most assuredly going to need it ere long when he is called upon to get behind the Gospel Advocate campaign to get the colleges in the church budgets. Already he has been gingerly testing that gear, and is no doubt seeking some way to "explain away" his former opposition to church contributions to the colleges, as he has "explained away" his former condemnation of orphan homes under a board.

Get ready, brethren, the REAL changes are yet to come!

— F. Y. T.

Good Proposition -- Great Opportunity

(Editor's note: The following article by Brother Jesse M. Kelley is taken from "The Apostolic Voice", regular bulletin of the Church of Christ in Blytheville, Arkansas. We appreciate Brother Kelley's boost, and could wish that other preachers who love the truth would also do something to help us in our campaign for many thousands of new subscribers.)

The publishers of the Gospel Guardian a paper "Dedicated to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity", have offered its readers a fine opportunity to take an active part in helping to fight the liberalism that has come into the church of the Lord during the past dozen years. Here is the proposition: For five dollars a month you can send the paper to thirty of your friends whom you wish to teach the truth relative to the issues in the church today. This means that four times a month (every week) this paper will be mailed to those for whom you subscribe. And you may pay for the subscriptions on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

In addition to carrying some very fine lessons on first principles, the paper is taking the lead in fighting institutionalism with all its attending evils which threaten to divide the Body of Christ, and sever a great portion of the church from him who died for her. For the past ten years this paper has fought every departure from the divine order, and has stood for divine patterns set forth in the word of God. We verily believe that had it not been for the persistent efforts of the Gospel Guardian and those who write for it, the church today would be lost in the confusion of denominationalism.

We recommend that you make a list of 30 names whom you would like to receive the paper and send them to Box 980, Lufkin, Texas. The paper will be sent to them each week, and you will be billed every three months.

Those who would submerge the church in the institutions of men are not sparing any cost to accomplish their purpose. Surely, if we love the truth more than error, we will be willing to do everything we can to put down liberalism and institutionalism.

It ought to be said that the publishers of the paper certainly are not making any money at the above stated price. There isn't a publication in the land that can operate on the subscription price alone — even at the regular price. But this proposition is offered by the publishers because they are concerned about what is happening to the church of the Lord and want to do all they can to slow down, and stop if possible, the creeping paralysis of modernism that is slowly destroying the church. We think there is no better way for you to spend five dollars a month, and incidentally, it is deductable on Income Tax.

Why don't you sit down now and make up a list of 30, 60, or 90 names and send them to the publishers. Many have had their eyes opened recently because someone sent them the paper, and we believe there is a good possibility that your friend too, will be able to see the truth.

Address the Gospel Guardian, Box 980, Lufkin, Texas. Or, if you prefer just send us your list and we will forward it on down there.