Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 19, 1958

"I Surrender All"

Wilson M. Coon, Phoenix, Arizona

In the December twenty-third issue of the Gospel Guardian of the year 1954, Vol. 6, No. 33, our good brother and sweet-spirited friend and editor, Thomas B. Warren, charged Leroy Garrett with "Surrendering All." It is true that Leroy has surrendered most of his former convictions and positions, BUT SO HAS TOM.

Brother Tom was an "Anti" in 1954, according to Warren himself (Gospel Guardian, pp. 72,73, Vol. 6). But now (consequences of his own reasoning) Tom is "For" everything and "Anti" nothing. Brother Tom, four years ago, was opposed to answering his opponent by merely calling him an "Anti" (Gospel Guardian, p. 72, Vol. 6, No. 5). But look at Tom (after Guy Woods pulled the wool over his eyes) now as he sits upon his throne, judging the nations with his cries about "Anti-Ism" and "Human Creeds" (Spiritual Sword, p. 4, Feb., 1958).

When Tom surrendered his conviction and positions that once made him an "Anti" with reference to the Institutional Homes and Radio Programs, he likewise surrendered his stand against "Church of Christ" colleges, "Church of Christ" hospitals and many other "Church of Christ" Get-Along-Quicker-Societies-And-Organizations. When Tom opened the gate for the horses, he forgot to close it. Down the same lane the cows, sheep and asses will walk.

What does Tom's song need that he and Leroy may blend their voices together in an "All Hail The Power Of Theologus"? Guy Woods has furnished the inspiration and Tom Warren the words. Perhaps Deaver and Harper can supply the music and arrangement.

Leroy has gone to the "Dogs" and Tom is headed for Rome. Perhaps their trails will cross somewhere this side of the great divide and they can walk tegether upon the broad road that leadeth to destruction. Who knows but what they may sit down under a "Juniper-tree" and compose a second song, inspired of Balaam, "Remember Me Oh Mighty One." They may even become as popular as Pat Boone and obtain a mighty Choir to hum in the background as they sing, "Come, Curse Me Jacob, And Come, Defy Israel."