Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
March 19, 1959

Other Churches Are Marching Also

Tom O'neal, Butler, Alabama

Almost every day another church is pulled into the march of digression and put on the bandwagon by the Gospel Advocate — according to some the twenty-eighth book of the New Testament.

One may be shocked, or will they?, when they read of this marching congregation. If anyone doubts this, please examine a copy of the Childhaven News, January 1959. What congregation is this that is now marching? It is the Eddy Baptist Church near Arab, Alabama. She made the contribution of $35.00 in December, 1958. Maybe this Baptist Church has learned about some brethren being 'stumped' when they were asked, "Why they believed it to be scriptural to contribute to a 'Church of Christ Benevolent Society' but did not believe it to be scriptural to contribute to a 'Baptist Benevolent Society'?" After having learned this, the Baptist Church decided to send a contribution and get cooperation going from the Baptists to a 'Church of Christ Orphan Home.' Then at some future time, and who knows how soon this will be, the Church of Christ will cooperate with the Baptists and send a contribution to a Baptist Orphan Home. Thus cooperation at both ends. Or could this be another one of those congregations with a peculiar name — Eddy Baptist Church ? If you are surprised just listen now. From The Birmingham News, January 28, 1959 comes this article from News Staff Writer, Jim Shaw.

"Childhaven is unofficially "sponsored" by members of the Church of Christ, although it is not technically a Church of Christ institution. The children in the home come from ALL FAITHS, AS DO THE CONTRIBUTIONS WHICH TOTAL ABOUT $100,000 A YEAR." (Emphasis mine, TO.)

Now one can see that the Church of Christ is cooperating with the sectarians in providing for "our" own. The sectarians are more benevolent than some 'Church of Christ preachers'. They will send to a "Church of Christ Orphan Home" while "Church of Christ preachers" would not for anything at the present send to a Baptist Orphan Home.

But this is not the only item of interest in this issue of the Childhaven News. Another is that the wife of one orphan home superintendent sent the gigantic sum of $1.00 to Childhaven. We are wondering if the wife of Childhaven's superintendent will reciprocate?

One will notice also in this issue that "Class No. 10," "Ladies Class," "Mother's Class No. 1" all from different congregations have sent in contributions. Have we really forced the point home that the local congregation is the smallest organization that God has for us to work in? What are these classes but organizations smaller than the local church.

By reading the list of contributors one will readily see that contributions will average probably from $1. to $5. Even one wealthy undertaker in Middle Tennessee sent in the colossal, gigantic, stupendous amount of $1.00.

He really believes in taking care of 'little orphans' because he sent a WHOLE dollar for that purpose! Wasn't that just sweet of him? And he wasn't the only dollar contributor either. Yes the brethren are really anxious to practice "pure and undefiled religion" when they can do it and not have to put out any more than just one dollar.

One other item of interest appearing on page seven of the News.

Wonder Just What It Is

A member of the board of directors approached a Christian and asked for a donation for a benevolent institution. "Yes, I will give you $100 on your institution if you will erect a sign over the door saying, This is a Church of Christ Benevolent Institution?

"Oh, no," said the board member. "We couldn't do that, because it is not a Church of Christ Benevolent Institution, it is the home restored."

"Very well," the Christian said, "I will give you $100 if you will put up a sign saying, 'This Is Not A Church of Christ Benevolent Institution?

Oh, no sir, we couldn't do that because IT IS supported by Churches of Christ."

I wonder what kind of an institution it is? Yes, I also am wondering. Maybe someone will be kind enough to tell us just what kind an institution Childhaven really is. Appearing in the Childhaven News, the above article reminds me of one promoting preacher that drove a great distant to straighten a preacher out, whom he believed was headed for 'hobbyism.' Upon leaving, the promoting preacher gave this faithful preacher a copy of brother Farris Smith's tract, "I HAVE RE-STUDIED BENEVOLENCE" This shows that some preachers still don't know what the real issue is. Brother Smith's tract is in opposition to institutionalism. Brethren, we have done went and done it — drifted!