Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 17, 1958


Esten Macon, 902 Halifax Square, Brunswick, Georgia: "A lady placed membership here yesterday. Many tourists are attending services this month. My wife and' I would like to adopt another little girl, 3 or 4 years old."

William E. Fain, 493 Fairview at Birth, Dallas, Oregon: "I have just returned from a preaching and vacation trip that covered almost 8000 miles, preaching in Bend, Oregon; Earth, Duncanville, and Baytown, Texas; West Portsmouth, Ohio; Gillette, Wyoming; and a meeting in Memphis, Tennessee. The meeting was with the East Frayser church, where James L. Gay is doing an outstanding work. This congregation is one of the fastest growing in Memphis, and the meeting resulted in several new records, several placed membership, and fourteen were baptized."

Richard E. Donley, Box 223, White Plains, New York: "The church meeting in the Y. M. C. A. began a regular schedule of services yesterday. We have previously met in the afternoons only. Good progress is being made toward establishing a strong church in this neglected field."

Howard See: "Beginning July 21, 1958, I am to meet Mr. W. T. Cook, Primitive Baptist from Savannah, Georgia in public discussion at Kenova, West Virginia. The first three nights I will affirm "The Scriptures teach that the church of Christ, of which I am a member, is the church of the New Testament in origin, doctrine and practice." The last three nights Mr. Cook will affirm that "The Scriptures teach that the Progressive Primitive Baptist Church, of which he is a member, is the church of the New Testament in origin, doctrine and practice." This is the second time that Mr. Cook and I have met in public discussion. Our discussion of last November dealing with predestination and election, apostasy and the plan of salvation has been transcribed from the tapes and will be printed if arrangements can be made."

Church of Christ, 2041 Pacific Coast Hiway, Lomita, California: "During June 8-15 the following preachers spoke in our gospel meeting: Pat Bradley, Gardena; Melvin Elliott, Brea; Jesse Brookshire, Ontario; Floyd Thompson, Berrydale, Santa Ana; John Wilson, Fontana; Bob Metear, West Culver City; Ira Sandusky, Culver Center; Bennie Bradley, Stanton; R. G. Lovelady, Central, Norwalk; Ford Carpenter, Westside, Long Beach; Bill Fling, Eastside, Long Beach; Afton Stephens, Fullerton; Wm. S. Irvine, Lakewood; Don Mansur, San Pedro; and L. L. Stout, Wilmington. On June 1st O. L. Castleberry of the El Nido church spoke morning and evening. Ward Hogland of Houston, Texas was in a meeting at Birch and Fairview in Santa Ana the same week and spoke for us at 10:30 a. m. Thursday. The local church was edified, non-members of the area were reached with the truth and cause of Christ was greatly served. Members from twenty-two different churches of Christ visited, several of them every night In addition to preaching one sermon, Brother Don Mansur directed the weeknight song services very capably. All the men gave of their efforts without expense to the Lomita church. We are deeply grateful for this fine assistance and believe fruit will be borne a long time from this meeting. Some people may have doubted there were this many sound men in Southern California. Actually, there are two or three times this many we would have been pleased to have."

R. L. Morrison, Box 1373, Globe, Arizona: "I will have completed three years work with the Globe church in August. I plan to leave not later than September 1. The church is interested in locating a preacher by that time. The congregation is self-supporting, doing its OWN work, and has been making some growth. A good location for a much needed meeting house has been secured and building plans are underway. There is no internal strife in the congregation. Prospects for a pleasant, profitable work are good. Those who might be interested may address the church as above."

Carl Vernon, P. O. Box 806, Taft, Texas: "This is my first report in many months. One was restored and a family of four identified here the second Sunday of this month. The work here looks good as we are completing our second year with the congregation. We have recently started sending out correspondence Bible courses, and our vacation Bible school is scheduled for July 14-19. I begin in a meeting at Aransas Pass, Texas, June 23, and at Teel, near Canton, July 21. I would like to hold a meeting in the fall for a congregation not financially able to support one. Write me at the above address."