Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 10, 1958

Wayne Partain And Work Among Spanish Speaking People

Wm. E. Wallace, Fort Smith, Arkansas

For nine years Wayne Partain, along with other men of stature, soundness and ability, has worked among Spanish speaking people on the Texas-Mexican border. Brother Partain knows the language, the customs and the attitudes of those people and he is well equipped with knowledge, love for the truth and compassion for the souls of Spanish speaking people.

At the present time Brother Partain makes his home in Weslaco, Texas. At McAllen, Texas he and Brother Glenn Rogers operate a print shop publishing religious literature for Spanish speaking people. The literature is designed to teach the truth. Translations of some of our best known publications have been made and put in the hands of Spanish speaking people.

There are many problems confronting this work among Spanish speaking people. There is the Roman Catholic background of the people, the zealous activities of Jehovah's Witnesses and various other sects, racial prejudice and the attitudes prevalent among the Spanish speaking population of that area. However, these problems are not at all insurmountable, in fact men who are properly equipped, as Brother Partain is, are able to cope with these problems. The outstanding problem facing these brethren now is that of adequate financial support. If the men working along the border with these Spanish speaking people are properly supported in years to come we shall see the fruits of their labors increase, abundantly.

Much good has been accomplished during Brother Partain's work on the border. Other men like Bill Reeves, Glenn Rogers, S. R. Magana, Don Atherton, Hilario Longira, and Festo Comacho have performed equally as well as Brother Partain. Churches have been established, the training of Spanish speaking preachers is now in progress. Investigation into the fruits of the work will not reveal sensational or spectacular growth, but it will prove that the work among Spanish speaking people has been quite successful.

Brother Partain is sound. He and the brethren mentioned above stand for the ancient paths in every phase of church interest and activity. They have not been swayed by the pressure of institutional forces nor have they yielded to the force of congregational combines. They are loyal to the faith once delivered regarding these matters and they deserve the support of loyal congregations. If sound congregations do not hold up their hands in financial fellowship, they will not have a source of income without turning to secular activities. They will not give up conviction in order to gain financial aid from liberal churches.

I recommend that you write Brother Partain at Box 474 Weslaco, Texas. He needs your help now. Why not mention this to the elders where you worship — let's not let these brethren down.