"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of truth." — (Psalm 60:4)
"Lift ye up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them." — (Isaiah 13:2)
Devoted To The Defense Of The Church Against All Errors And Innovations
Vol.VIII No.I Pg.33b
June 1945

That Tract

Chas. M. Campbell

It is of that leaflet, that tract, "Why Not Be Just A Christian?" by R. H. Boll, of Louisville, Ky., and premillennial "fame" that I write. Yes, to the surprise of some and the chagrin of others, let it be known once and for always, that, R. H. Boll is the author of that anonymous tract. Those who may be surprised are those, who, in credulity have accepted it because of its title and regardless of its anonymity without investigation, and who do not subscribe to the Judaizing views of R. H. Boll and his pet theory borrowed from the Adventists and "Jehovah's Witnesses." And, those who will be chagrined by this exposure of the strategy and subterfuge of a premillennial propaganda campaign in which that tract has been imposed upon the unsuspecting, are those who have become colporteurs for the Word and Work and World Vision, the organs of R. H. Boll, and B. D. Morehead, respectively. The tract, the very title of which is a base misrepresentation, for R. H. Boll wants one to be more or less than a Christian, has been publicized constantly in World Vision, but always without revealing the name of the author. So, it served a two fold purpose, namely to impose itself upon those not in sympathy with Boll's theory, and to conceal the identity of World Vision.

Certainly it was not accidental, nor incidental, that, the tract was publicized anonymously, for, all other tracts advertised, carried the names of the authors.

The same paper carried perpetual publicity for Jorgenson's song books. Still the editor, Chas. R. Brewer, a David Lipscomb teacher, declared in a recent issue of the paper that his opposition to premillennialism was well known. When I wrote to him and requested that he reconcile his statement with the facts, he very obligingly did not answer. Surely he did not lack words, being a teacher of speech, but then he is reported to have said that he could not pronounce the word, premillennialism. Well, for his benefit, and that of some others, I think I shall reveal my thoughts. It reminds me of a school yell, p r e m i I le n n i a l i s m. "Here's the way you spell it, and here's the way you yell it," premillennialism! Yes, "yell it." Truly of those who distribute Boll's tracts whether they are on the subject of premillennialism or not, for, after all, that is his hobby and what all of his efforts lead to, eventually.

O, yes, concerning the distributing of Boll's tract, Brother H. Leo Boles told me that Robert Neil has been scattering them zealously down in Alabama. Still, some brethren who deny sympathy for Boll, persist in using Robert for a song leader, and one of whom I know, actually had two elders removed from office for opposing Robert being brought into the congregation. At least, that was the beginning of his difficulty with them.

Finally, when Harris J. Dark, a capable and uncompromising gospel preacher, wrote a tract, at Morehead's request, on the subject: "Why Not Be Just A Christian?" Barney told another; "We are continuing to use Brother Boll's; for it is better." Well, Barney, like Boll's theory, that could be a matter of opinion. And, it is the opinion of Chapel Avenue congregation where Brother Dark preaches, and which is one of the largest and one of the best congregations in the brotherhood, that, Harris's tract is far superior, for they have had it printed in large quantities for free distribution, and, for some reason, they were not in the least afraid nor ashamed to reveal the identity of the author.

"Why Not Be Just A Christian?" —and leave Boll and his satellites and sympathizers to find "comfort" among the rest of the sects, who are not satisfied to be just Christians? And that will take care of his tracts.