"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of truth." — (Psalm 60:4)
"Lift ye up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them." — (Isaiah 13:2)
Devoted To The Defense Of The Church Against All Errors And Innovations
Vol.VI No.VIII Pg.5a
March 1944

The Churches Of Christ In Louisville, Kentucky

It was recently my privilege to assist in meetings with Taylor Boulevard and West End churches in Louisville, Mucky. The two meetings covered a three-Sunday arrangement, one beginning on Sunday and ending the follow Sunday afternoon, the other beginning that Sunday night and ending the next Sunday night, dividing the three Sundays equally between the two meetings. These meetings were fruitful in many ways and resulted in good to the Cause throughout the Louisville area.

During the meeting the differences between the Bardstown Road church and the West End church were amicably and scripturally adjusted and fellowship was restored between these congregations. This settlement of differences directly affected other congregations in the city and vicinity also and was accepted by all the faithful churches removing all hindrances to fellowship between them. The true churches of Christ in Louisville have made a notable record in their firm opposition to the premillennial movement which has centered in that city. In doing so they have made a fine contribution to the cause of truth me world over. It would, indeed, be too bad for any root of bitterness to spring up among this group of loyal churches there, to divide them and render impotent the stand they have made for the pure gospel in the years past. What a club this would have been in the hands of the digressive and premillennial parties in Louisville! The brethren were determined that no such thing should be perpetuated over differences that could and should be settled. In the spirit of Christ their trouble was settled and as in olden times there was great joy in that city."

The oldest church of Christ in Louisville is the Haldeman Avenue church, where M. C. Kurfees preached for forty-five consecutive years. His very worthy brother, J. F. Kurfees, is active in the affairs of this congregation now and has been a strong factor in holding the congregation to the principles preached by his scholarly brother so long. Since the death of M. C. Kurfees, the Douthitt's have been the preachers for the Haldeman Avenue church and it is being served in that capacity now by Cecil B. Douthitt who has been with them for some seven or eight years.

The Bardstown Road church was formed about twenty five years ago when Brother Campbell Taylor and a number of faithful people separated from the Janes-Jorgenson premillennial Highland church over issues surrounding the teaching of that heresy in that church by E. L. Jorgenson. This congregation now owns one of the most modern buildings in the city and has grown steadily since its beginning. Brother Norman H. Beaman is now their preacher and is a very capable young man.

The Taylor Boulevard church, with whom I was associated in the meetings to which reference has been made, is an excellent congregation. They have just completed a new brick building which would be a credit to any community and a bright future is before this thriving congregation in its determination to advance the Cause of Christ in their section of the city. Brother R. G. Embry is the preacher for this church and I have not been associated with any gospel preacher whose love for the gospel impressed me more. He is a capable evangelist and an unselfish and untiring worker in the promotion of New Testament teaching. His work with this congregation has marked an epoch in its growth. Whether Brother Embry stays with this work or goes into other fields, success will attend his labors, for he is that kind of a preacher.

The newest congregation in point of establishment in the city is the West End church--yet it is not a new church for it is composed of some of the best people in Louisville who have been faithful members of the church there and elsewhere for many years. This congregation was formed about a year ago. Brother J. Early Arceneaux was called from Texas to spend one month with them and during that time he was induced to return to begin permanent work with them about three months later. During this interval of three months Brother R. L. Whiteside was their preacher and teacher. The fact that these two men were selected by these brethren for their first preachers is a sufficient recommendation of their strict adherence to the principles of New Testament doctrine and practice. Brother Early Arceneaux is recognized as far as the church is known as one of the strongest gospel preachers in the world. His residence in Louisville is an asset to the Cause of Christ in that city. He is well prepared to expose the errors of premillennialism in the lair of its chief promoters and it would be a fine thing if it could be arranged for him to engage R. H. Boll in debate in Louisville. I would go to hear that one. As he continues his work with the West End church it will grow, as it is now growing, to take its place among the leading churches of Louisville in its influence for primitive New Testament teaching. Incidentally, Brother Arceneaux has agreed to join the Bible Banner staff.

For a number of years I have had some strong personal friends in Louisville. These ties of friendship have been strengthened. I am happy in the association with these brethren through these meetings and rejoice with them all in the good that was done. -F. E. W. Jr.