"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of truth." — (Psalm 60:4)
"Lift ye up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them." — (Isaiah 13:2)
Devoted To The Defense Of The Church Against All Errors And Innovations
Vol.VI No.XIII Pg.67a
July/August 1944

A Statement Of Resignation

(In The Gospel Advocate, April 8, 1934)

My present task is paradoxical. I am writing between the opposite emotions of joy and sorrow-sad to sever, with this issue, an editorial connection with a paper which I have learned to love as my own; glad to announce that such a great and good man as John T. Hinds has been sought and secured for the editorial portfolio.

The exigencies making this change necessary are personal. A series of circumstances through several years has brought me to such economic straits as to require the termination of editorial responsibilities. An effort to protect a too heavy property investment, by the assignment of a major part of a limited income, and a larger field of work than well-meaning brethren have provided sufficient resources to carry, on, with mistakes of my own in management and economy, all contribute a share to this condition. Without unnecessary details, it is sufficient for me to say that I shall apply myself to the task of correcting these mistakes and meeting these obligations-all of them-as consistently and speedily as it is reasonably possible to do. It is in the determination to accomplish these ends, and while doing so to serve in the best way I can the cause to which I early dedicated my life, that I return to my original field of labor.

The name and influence of the incoming editor are as wide as the church. He is a Bible scholar of first rank and of unquestioned soundness. His opinion on any Bible subject carries weight. Experience, skill, kindness, and fairness are his notable qualities. The publisher of the Gospel Advocate has been wise in selecting and fortunate in securing him. He will grace the editor's chair.

During nearly four years of editorial experience I have made many friends and some foes. The principles for which I have contended, and to which the Gospel Advocate has been pledged, are as dear to me as the eternal truth-dearer than earthly friendship or fortune. Yea, beside them "I hold not my life of any account as dear unto myself." To the loyal friends, many of whom I have not seen, I feel deeply grateful for the constant assurances of confidence and support which have daily heartened me. Toward those who have opposed me I hold no resentment and harbor no malice.

More deeply to the publisher of the Gospel Advocate am I indebted than to any other associate in this work. I have found him at all times and upon all occasions, without exception, to be personally loyal, officially cooperative, and humanly sympathetic in the emergencies and responsibilities of this office. As was his father before him, he is altogether loyal to the principles of the pioneers of the faith and has his feet planted in the old paths. Faithful brethren need feel no degree of solicitude for the rock-ribbed loyalty of the Gospel Advocate to these principles under his direction. The best visible evidence of that soundness is manifest in his selection of John T. Hinds to steer the Gospel Advocate through rough seas of present restless religious conditions.

For the staff writers I feel a fraternal affection that exceeds a mere friendship. The staff has been a development based on personal contacts and mutual interests. There has existed between us a kindred feeling. I am loathe to break this circle. There is one of this number to whom especial love and gratitude compels singular mention. He is our senior member--F. B. Srygley. Words are inadequate as a medium of expressing my regard for this valiant veteran. He has my unbounded respect and admiration. His firm hand has strengthened me, his safe counsel has guided me, and his invincible spirit has encouraged me in battles for the truth. The church will miss him when he is gone, but his influence will live when his generation has passed.

Regardless of personal fortunes, as I retire from the editorial stage, I pledge whatever moral support my influence may afford to the Gospel Advocate; and imploring the benedictions of our beneficent Father upon its publisher, its editor, its writers, and its readers, I bid all adieu. Foy E. Wallace, Jr.