"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of truth." — (Psalm 60:4)
"Lift ye up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them." — (Isaiah 13:2)
Devoted To The Defense Of The Church Against All Errors And Innovations
Vol.V No.III Pg.9
October 1942

Giant Killers - No. 2

T. B. Wilkinson

Another Giant-killer has appeared, and set up camp, right in Oklahoma City. He kills giants by night in "Doctor" Webber's tabernacle, and by day over the radio, as long as the people will pay the bill, by keeping the donations coming.

This giant-killer was imported all the way from Philadelphia, or somewhere, to kill giants for "Doctor" Webber. He is a "Doctor" too. But he is a Jew Doctor, I think, at least all the medicine I have heard him prescribe is strictly for the Jews. He hints that it is specially prepared for them in his own laboratory, or wherever it is that he manufactures his dope. He reminds me of a doctor I heard about one time who decided to learn to doctor by experience. He would try out a remedy and if it worked he would write it down in his book, and give it to the next sick man. He tried out a remedy one time and the sick man recovered very promptly. He wrote his prescription down in his book. When the next sick man came along he gave him the same prescription, and he just as promptly died. This puzzled the doctor but he investigated and found the first man was an Irishman, and the second man was a Jew. That fixed it. He wrote in his book "this prescription will cure an Irishman, but it will kill a Jew."

This new Doctor says the Jews need a different kind of medicine to other people. He has found the very "dope" for them, and is manufacturing it by wholesale. He said the first kind he used when he was a member of a denomination that won't admit it is a denomination, would cure an Irishman, but it would kill a Jew. Now he has a kind that will cure the Jew, and he will send it under a money back guarantee, no cure, no pay, but you pay in advance.

This new dope is about a new kingdom that is soon to be set in old Jerusalem, and he extols its virtues very highly in his sermons over the radio. Now, I want to take a look at this new prescription, strictly for the Jews, but a Gentile can get into it if he will be good to the Jews. He says the Lord is coming right away to set it up, and we had better get busy, and keep posted, or we will be left out in the cold with the unbelievers.

It is a glorious kingdom that he tells about, with all thrills that go with it, and it will break in pieces, and destroy all earthly kingdoms the very day it comes. The others will simply fold up tent, and abscond, when it comes, for it will come with a blaze of fire, and a blare of trumpets, and a great company of angels, and a great white throne will come sailing down through the sky, and be set down in old Jerusalem, and the glory of it will fill the earth, not gradually, but instantly when it comes.

I can hear him over the radio every morning if I care to listen, and I do sometimes, and he never fails to tell us how he was a member of the church of Christ once, but he quit it for the glories of this new kingdom which is soon to come, mostly for the Jews, who will all become royal members just because they are Jews, and they will be set to rule over the other nations. He belittles the church of Christ, says it is a denomination but the members are not smart enough to know it, or are too mean to admit it. They have got a creed too, but deny it, but he found it in a paper he read one time.

He belittles the church of Christ because it, preaches the truth about the kingdom just like Paul did, and John, and Peter on the day of Pentecost, and they expose his speculations about a kingdom yet to come, for the Jews first, and then for the Gentiles, if they will believe what he is preaching. But for the Jews whether or no, for all the Jews will believe this time, and accept their king when he comes, seated, not upon an ass, or a colt the foal of an ass, but upon a great white throne surrounded by all the angels of heaven.

This kingdom he is dreaming about is no small affair, I can tell you, not if it is like he says. All the dead saints will be raised, and the old patriarchs, and all the dead Jews, and all the Jews now living upon the earth, and all the living saints will be changed, and all of these, with millions of angels from heaven will go marching back to Jerusalem to crown their king, with palms in their hands, and crowns upon their heads. Of course, any man drunk on such wine as this cannot see any beauty in the kingdom set up at Pentecost nineteen hundred years ago, such dope as that might do for the Irishman, but it will kill a Jew, just as it did back there.

This kingdom he is preaching about is not the one that Daniel foretold. That one had an humble origin, it was a little stone cut out of the mountain without hands, and it had to grow into a mountain to fill the earth. But the Doctor's kingdom does not need to grown, it is born full grown, is a mountain when it comes, and fills the whole earth the day of its birth.

Neither is it like the one Jesus told about, it was like a grain of mustard seed, the smallest seed of all, and it had to be planted, and come up, and grow, to become a great tree so the birds could come and lodge in its branches. But the Doctor does not like a kingdom of this kind, it is just a denomination to him, and has got a creed, an unwritten one, and so he apostatized from it when he learned about the glories of this new kingdom that some one told him the Lord would set up, mostly for the Jews, but a Gentile can make the grade.

Just look at the difference in the manner of the coming of the king in the old kingdom as compared with the royal descent of the king of this new kingdom. The first king came to Zion, "seated upon an ass, and a colt, the foal of an ass," but this next one will come down through the skies with all of the angels of heaven, bringing his throne along with him. No wonder the Jews rejected the first king, if they knew about this one the Doctor is preaching to them, that first king was not the kind they wanted.

It is different to the kingdom Paul preached, too. He said it was through great tribulation that we must enter into the kingdom of heaven, but these Jews will enter theirs without tribulation, or trouble, of any kind, their king simply brings it to them, and shouts, here it is, come and get it. John, too, was in the patience, and tribulation, and the kingdom of Jesus Christ, but in this new kingdom there is nothing to do but reign over the nations, break them, and bang them, and make them be good. No wonder this Doctor apostatized from the church of Christ when he got a whiff at wine so delicate in flavor. The church has labors, and tribulations, and need for patience, in the kingdom of the Lord, but none of these things will harrow the tender soul of this Jew Doctor while it is filled with such visions of glory and grandeur as this. No wonder he apostatized from the faith when his soul became filled with materialistic glories, and quit the church of the Lord for his new found love.