"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of truth." — (Psalm 60:4)
"Lift ye up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them." — (Isaiah 13:2)
Devoted To The Defense Of The Church Against All Errors And Innovations
Vol.IV No.IX Pg.3b
April 1942

Grabbing At Straws

E. G. Creacy

In a recent issue of the Christian Standard, James DeForest Murch writes at length under the caption, "Straws In The Wind" to bolster up the ill-fated Witty-Murch Unity Movement. Mr. Murch sees (?) great progress "toward unity" as a result of these so-called "Unity Meetings." He says there are many definite signs of progress and enumerates them as "straws in the wind."

Of the fifteen "straws" he lists, I shall only notice two or three of them, as others may wish to notice in detail Murch's "straws." His "straws" are baseless fabrications.

His first "straw" is a wholesale misrepresentation of the ugly affair at Horse Cave. He says:

The Church of Christ at Horse Cave, Ky., although excluding the use of instrumental music in worship, is now in full fellowship with our churches in Kentucky. The same thing is true of a dozen or more "non-instrument" churches in this state. Word of similar developments has come from ' Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Thus James DeForest Murch deceives his readers by making it appear that "the Church of Christ at Horse Cave" is in full fellowship with digressive churches, and yet excludes the use of instrumental music in worship. The truth is, and Murch should know it, this digressive church cannot use the mechanical instrument, because a "clause" happened to be in the deed. So it is the clause in the deed that "excludes" the instrument, and not the church Kenneth Spaulding, the Pastor, with the aid of a lame digressive element in the church literally stole the property, repudiated the appellation "Church of Christ," and assumed the name "Christian Church." They drove out the few who were unwilling to "bow the knee to Baal." This rank digressive church, though it cannot have an organ, is going all the gates, however they have to depend upon the Baptist and Methodist churches of Horse Cave to bolster them up! Spaulding is not much in accord with the Murch and Standard element in the Christian Church, because he has sought refuge with the ultra digressive Christian-Evangelist group! Murch should inform his readers that Spaulding has made desperate efforts to "Pastorate" other Christian Churches in this section, but they have given him no encouragement. Spaulding knows this, even if Murch is in the dark.

Mr. Murch's second straw discloses that "union meetings of ministers of both groups are being held in Louisville, Ky." But he did not tell his readers that the "group" conniving with the digressives in Louisville were the followers of R. H. Boll, who have long since gone out from us because they were not all of us (1 Jno. 2:19). In his fifth straw he tells us that Jorgenson, Friend and Rutherford have engaged in "exchange" meetings with the digressives. But who are these men? They are rank Bollites, and are no more regarded as safe teachers that James DeForest Murch. The Bollites and digressives are about like peas in the same pod. Claud Witty is more a digressive and Bollite than a faithful gospel preacher. He and Murch are blowing through the same straws. They are rank enemies of the true cause of Christ. Why should some among "us" be so gullible as to be deceived by traitors and impostors?

Murch's twelfth straw explains how "Fred L. Rowe, editor of the Christian Ledger" made a tour of the Big Sandy, country with J. W. West, "Mountain Evangelist" of the Christian Church. We are not surprised at any move F. L. Rowe may make these days. He has, in a very definite way, proved that he cannot be relied upon as a safe leader.