"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of truth." — (Psalm 60:4)
"Lift ye up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them." — (Isaiah 13:2)
Devoted To The Defense Of The Church Against All Errors And Innovations
Vol.IV No.IV Pg.15
November 1941

Jorgenson-Lappin Unity

(C. A. Taylor, Louisville, Ky.)

Last night I talked with George Roehrs, who is, and for 25 years has been, a member of the Highland Church of Christ, Louisville and he says that he heard S. S. Lappin extend "the invitation," during his meeting at the Highland church, and that Lappin stated that those who were invited to come forward, should and could choose which congregation they preferred, either the Highland congregation or Bro. Swann's congregation. Bro. Swann is the "pastor" at the Edenside Christian church located about 3 blocks from the Highland meetinghouse. There can be no doubt about this matter for George Roehrs is dependable.

George used to be faithful and did not approve the 1918 withdrawal, but now says he approved having Lappin hold their meeting. I am now convinced that the Highland congregation has departed, or soon will depart, fully from the faith.

Premillennium Paradoxes

Ted W. Mcelroy

Although I am just a tender youth (at least my age and feet are tender), I am considering (not seriously) compiling a book. I am going to give this book the title "Paradoxes." and use as material the millenary writings of Brother Charles Roberson, of Abilene. I could begin with a quotation from his book, which he styled "What Jesus Taught," but Jesus didn't teach all of it. In that book brother Roberson wrote on the subject of the millennium: and what he wrote, he finally admitted was "susceptible of being interpreted" to teach the false doctrine of premillennialism. Brother Wallace sagaciously remarked that it "was not susceptible of any other interpretation." and I will just say that it was the premillennialism heresy with or without interpretation, either way you prefer to take it.

Since it has been pointed out that he had taught the false theory in his book, brother Roberson has gone on many excursions on the subject, each time giving it a new twist. On each excursion he presents a new "paradox," and if he continues maybe I'll have to use several volumes to give a complete view of his contradictions. He is always trying to fix up what he said in his book, without admitting he was wrong when he wrote it. He appears to want to put the blame for his mistake upon his readers, indicating from time to time that their powers of interpretation were out of line.

Another thing that has me baffled, is the use of the words premillennialism and millennial etc., the fact is that the word changes its form so much and so rapidly, that I am always fearful of using an obsolete form. The only thing stable about the word seems to be the "mill" part, and every one knows by this time that there is nothing stable about the doctrine. Brother Roberson has worked on the "mill," he has prefixed, suffixed, affixed, and never quite fixed, the "mill" with Greek, Latin, English, and now he is trying history. He reminds me of the proverbial bee in the tar bucket, the more he wiggles the worse his predicament. Why doesn't he quit wiggling and just say; "brethren I was wrong about the "mill" when I wrote my book, but I know better now."