"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of truth." — (Psalm 60:4)
"Lift ye up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them." — (Isaiah 13:2)
Devoted To The Defense Of The Church Against All Errors And Innovations
Vol.III No.XII Pg.15
July 1941

What Do You Think Of That?

Marion Davis

Recently, where I attended church, a young man got up at the close of the service and made an announcement and pep talk about the United Service Organization. He stated that this organization was for the purpose of raising money to aid in keeping the morale and standards of army and civilian life at high pitch, and to build recreation halls where the boys in training would have a nice place to spend their spare time. He also stated that the other "churches" of the city were going to cooperate in this movement and left the impression that the church of Christ was being expected to contribute to this fund.

Of course, this money will be used to promote dancing, card playing, picture shows and just what it takes to entertain the boys, but will any of it be used in preaching the gospel to these boys? I believe I am safe in saying that not one dime of it will be used for that purpose. How can a Christian contribute to anything that is connected with war? There is a line of separation between the church and the world; which side is war on? If it is all right to contribute to the USO, why not contribute to the Salvation Army and other such organizations? I believe it wrong to even make an announcement (such as this young man made) in the house of the Lord.

This young man is a fine fellow, has many friends, is a publisher, teaches in the High School, teaches a Bible class on Sunday morning (when there) and could be a wonderful leader in God's work, if he would take as much interest in it as he does the U. S. O., Lion's Club and such. I am told that he helps promote dances and such in the high school where he teaches, and then on Sunday comes to church and teaches a Bible class. I have nothing personal against this young man, but I am afraid he has the wrong idea about the church and what it stands for.

One should not be surprised at what the young do when they grow up under a leadership that donates money to denominational preachers and churches, announce their programs from the pulpit, go and endorse their services, brag on the sect preachers, buy their ice cream and pies when they know that these sects are false and leading poor innocent people to hell. One should not be surprised at what the young do when the mothers belong to every little club in town and join in the march of every little worldly outfit that comes along. I am told that one of the sisters of this congregation helps the M. E. Church serve meals to the Exchange and Lion's Clubs, and when asked to help pay for the church pews, where God's people worship, she liked to have fainted. One should not be surprised at what the young do when the leaders make apologies for the gospel. Foy E. Wallace, Jr., held a meeting for this congregation a few years past, and several of the members and a few of the leaders made apologies to the sects for his preaching. Anyone that ever heard brother Wallace preach knows that he needs no one to make any such apologies. He just rooted up a little too much error and this weak-kneed, soft-soaping, compromising little click could not take it. Afraid that it might make some of their denominational friends mad and they might lose a dollar in the business world. I am glad to say that about three fourths of this congregation stood pat behind brother Wallace and we had a good meeting. The next year there were 23 baptized during the meeting at this place and many have said that it was due to the meeting brother Wallace held the year before.

Brother, better stop playing around with the Lord's work, getting into every little old organization, endorsing the sects and taking part in their doings. Just a few years on this old earth and then we go to face the great Judge. Would you want to take all these, organizations with you? You better shake them while you can, it might be too late when you walk up to the bar. If you are a Christian, it is the church or it is nothing.