"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of truth." — (Psalm 60:4)
"Lift ye up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them." — (Isaiah 13:2)
Devoted To The Defense Of The Church Against All Errors And Innovations
Vol.XI No.II Pg.5b,10b
February 1949

An Epidemic

Arthur W. White

Safford, Arizona

"And the Spirit of Jehovah began to move him." Judges 13:25. There is a continual moving and shifting of views on points of obedience, but those actions are not directed by the Spirit of Jehovah. There seems to be a "Movement Mania" that has developed into an incurable epidemic. When once one is affected with it no amount of tender loving care or strong medicine or rebuke seem to stay its onward stride. Unless the diseased organ is quickly removed roots and all, "Movement Mania" will soon develop into "Promoters Phobia." The victim has then reached a place where he fears to take the prescription prescribed by the Great Physician. He also holds fears for the people who are satisfied taking the undiluted medicine prescribed by the Savior of mankind.

The first signs or symptoms of this "mania" are a few "unsound" words. The victim is soon overcome by his statements, especially if he receives a little sympathy from another who is afflicted with the same ailment, Be it in the same congregation or from "far away places," there is perfect unity among them. He begins to call for money to help support the "baby monster" that he has dreamed into being. As proof that his "dream" is scriptural he will refer you to another idea that is being "sponsored" which is as absurd as his. Or he may garble some statement of a pioneer to claim his support. It seems that two wrongs are both right if they have the right promoters!!

Encampments, rallies, lodges, rest homes, homecomings, money drives for schools, orphan homes, endowments, etc. have camped beside the church treasury and each promoter is there justifying his claim on the ground that other movements have been accepted and therefore his is a worthy enterprise.

The "Movement Mania" has struck in many different communities. If it is cured in one place it breaks out in another. Its never-dying spirit has produced many promoters with great? ?imaginations—from local "building committees" to that of evangelizing a nation.

All of these moves and drives are foreign to the New Testament "pattern of sound words," The first century Christians went everywhere preaching the word," and whole cities would turn out to hear them. I wonder if they had some skilled promoter conducting those "rallies"? ?

Watch the fellow who is trying to promote anything besides New Testament Christianity. He is like a "Pocket Ben" trying to correct the regulator.

The regulator of Christianity is correct. The Christian is correct and is "redeeming the time" when he "sets his affections on things above" and "runs with patience the race that is set before him". Christ has mapped the course and set the pace. It is unwise to enter into any other regardless of how much has been spent in promoting it and how strong the "sponsorship."

"Now or Never" and "We must strike now" are the often repeated statements of many rabble-rousing promoters. In his haste and fear, Saul "forced" himself to offer a burnt offering (I Sam. 13:12). Saul thought, since the people had scattered and the enemies were all around him with Samuel already late, "Its Now or Never." It would have been better for Saul if it had been "Never." Often the modern "promoter" forces himself to promote schemes that the Lord has not commanded. "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise—" 2 Pet. 3:9. Remember, Samuel came just as soon as Saul had finished his offering. We must accept Gods plan instead of submitting another plan for others to accept.