"Thou hast given a banner to them that fear thee, that it may be displayed because of truth." — (Psalm 60:4)
"Lift ye up a banner upon the high mountain, exalt the voice unto them." — (Isaiah 13:2)
Devoted To The Defense Of The Church Against All Errors And Innovations
Vol.X No.II Pg.1,15b-16
February 1948

Spiritual Specialists

Wallace W. Thompson

This is a distinctive age of specials and specialists. Everyone calls for the latest models. Some have carried this idea into religion's realm. God can be improved as easily as the Bible and its plan. There is no preface nor appendage to sacred scripture—no addition thereto—no subtraction therefrom—no late editions such as a Mormon copy, Catholic catechism, Baptist confession of faith, Methodist discipline, or Presbyterian code. The church must ever remain free of foreign faiths, accepting only "the faith once delivered." The church as God designed it and Christ established it is perfect, without need of "aids" and "societies." It is a sin to encroach upon God's plan and program. There are some specialists among us who have left the Bible appeal for the public's palm. The home and church are divine institutions, yet they are separate and independent. The customs and teachings of the home cannot be bound upon the church: It is quite wrong to tie any institution to the church.

Sympathy Sighers and Seekers

God gives no sympathy to error. Truth is unmixed, a thing is true or untrue. There is no middle ground, one is in or out, with or without, for or against the truth. A man is not settled in truth who squirms and slithers off and on, in and out, who pleads for the blasphemers in error. The Bible rebukes any man in sin. Israel was severely reprimanded when wrong; and what was and is true of a nation is true of individuals. God is no respecter of persons. Obedience to the Word is the standard of heavenly acceptance. It is repelling to hear dirges toned in sympathy to soothe those in error. To defend a false teacher defaces all the good one does preaching the gospel. To bid Godspeed to a false prophet or encourage him is emphatically condemned in 2 John 9. As the faithful of old let us cry out against every false teaching and teacher. Let us stand our ground with drawn sword to fight the onrushing tide of error. There is an avalanche of compromise and softness that threatens to overwhelm and crush crystal truth. Let all gospel preachers gird themselves with truth and stand in the path unafraid, and if one falls in the fight another will catch both sword and torch before they hit the ground and fight the battle at the command of the "roaring Lion of the tribe of Judah."

Sectarian Satellites

It is shameful to leave truth and sink into the depths of sectarian partisanship. Some preachers call on the "sects" to lead prayer in church services. This is like asking the devil to help preach the gospel. If one can be accepted in prayer, why not in any other service? A few preachers (and very few) prefer the company of denominationalists to that of their brethren, while some spend more time bleating against faithful gospel preachers than exposing the unfaithful ones. Joining the "preacher club or society" in the town is a let down to any gospel preacher and is obnoxious to the good influence of the church. We have nothing in common with the "blind guides" of religion. If we have become tied to the weak pillars of denominationalism in any way, let us loose the strings forever, and sever henceforth our influence and fellowship connected therewith. Let the church enjoy freedom from any foreign faith or faction, and let us properly esteem truth.

Special sessions

All are familiar with the political rallies, and in High School and College we become associated with pep rallies to build up school spirit in scheduled athletic activities. And a few times we came to know the Principal or Dean better in "private session." Most folks have heard a little about youth rallies. Generally these events are consolidated affairs, calling in assembly the youth of various congregations. Any activity that oversteps scriptural authority is dangerous. A movement or trend may be considered innocent while in infancy, but matured it may be anti-scriptural. No congregation can rightfully impose its authority upon another, else it becomes an ecclesiastical institution. The elders are not over the work of two or more congregations, but they are responsible to God and the Lord's heritage in the local sphere. Some preachers discourage the development of elders and deacons, choosing rather to work under committees. Somebody said, "If you want to kill an idea, let a committee work on it." Generally those who would overstep Bible authority and plan instigate these "sectarian movements." The duty of youth to God is the same as the duty of the aged, to obey and respect, to revere and to fear God's word. It is certainly the duty of elders to keep these operations of partyism outside the church.
Political Preachers and Party Practice

No cliques nor clans have approval in the church. In any organization of size, the trend to "play politics" is most certain to appear. The lesson God gave the church at Corinth should forewarn all. And "to be forewarned is to be forearmed!" Democracy cannot be carried into the body of Christ. If a man reaches the place he cannot serve truth, he ceases to be a servant of God. If a man cannot learn to serve truth, he is unfit to rule. Political maneuvers by a preacher, preachers, or a church for prestige or power should be avoided by all. Preacher jealousy is a bane to Christian influence and a boon to vice. Loose talk about a yokefellow in the gospel, deliberately calculated to render personal injury is premeditated sin. Some preacher luncheons are "gossip bees, the subject is generally the absent preacher. That's why a preacher ought not to miss one! If these things exist, they should not exist. If they do not exist, we should see that on our part they never exist.

Some Song Books

Several Christian brethren are engaged in this enterprise. All of them compile good books. According to the Bible we ought to "prefer" them. It is common knowledge that E. L. Jorgenson is a premillennialist. He compiles a song book known as "Great Songs of the Church." Many brethren on the West Coast, and I suppose elsewhere, buy this book. Where the book is found suspicion is cast on that church. If it does not sympathize with the erroneous doctrine, why the book? The materialistic faith the publisher holds threatens to divide the church. If my financial support goes to that kind of organization, I help indirectly foster the doctrine to divide the church I love. I will not support that which despises all things sacred and spiritual, and upholds a materialistic view of the Kingdom of God. It indeed is a weak brother who subscribes to such!

Some Sister Specialists

Godly women in the church are legion. My mother and yours are among the number. Their pure lives are esteemed. They inspire courage and beget love. They are deeply appreciated for their works-sake. Their labor is one of subjection, ever respecting their husbands in honor as their head, just as Christ is head of the church, leading their children in the way of righteousness. Usually they know their place and stay in it. However, it is possible to get out of it. For years denominational women have passed from the pew to the pulpit. Their parade as public proclaimers is nauseating. They have been advertised with and without their husbands in "special meetings." It seems rather odd to read such an advertisement of a gospel preacher and his companion. The fault may belong to the church that employs them, the employees, or both. This sort of billing hurts church and preacher. Anything harmful should not be practiced. Then there seem to be a few women "Special teachers" called in by the congregation to give special instruction to the sisters and children, as though the elders and preacher were not fit to feed the flock of God. Some women overshadow their husbands in polish and education. They still should be pleased to receive their glory through their husbands. Such might be lawful in politics and society, but certainly not in the church.

Special Schools

No institution can rightfully supplant or supplement the church. Christ has elevated it above all earthly things. It is the Lord's sphere of glory. There is nothing lacking in the church that a school can supply. If so, the church is imperfect. No school contributes to the church financially. The church does not ask the support of the college, but the church is a greater institution, and admittedly does a greater work. I think the presidents of the colleges can express themselves where we common folks can understand them; let them tell us in print that they do not believe in asking the church to support them, if of course they believe it, and all the fight will cease. If not the first round of ammunition has not been fired. Nothing can attach itself to the church as a white elephant or adjunct while faithful preachers love it and would die to uphold its glory and New Testament purity and beauty. If a man, or group of men can successfully operate a school without making it the Lord's burden and responsibility, I know of but few that would object. Rank teaching has been and is harbored in some schools. It is generally accepted, that, materialistic and modernistic views of the Bible originate in the midst of the "doctors of higher learning" and not among the common people. It appears that men are using the schools to break down the defiant stand against sin, leaning to the cheers of popularity, making a mockery of truth. Are the "sons of God" looking upon the "daughters of men" to be dragged into apostasy? It is time to forsake such and stand on the Bible!


Let us be common, what we are, down to the earth servants of Christ. Let us esteem truth above everything, and the church above any institution. May we find our place in the Master's cause and apply ourselves thereto. And if we must suffer reproaches for our Bible stand, the sneers, leers, and jeers of the insolent will be hid in the darkness of hell.