Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 16, 1957

"Walking By Faith"


This new book by brother Roy E. Cogdill, making a strong plea for the authority of New Testament teaching in all phases of church life and work, is just now beginning to get a wide circulation among the brethren. That it will have a tremendous influence for a right solution to present grave problems before the churches goes without saying. It is too early yet (as this is written) for brethren who are promoting the separate organizations for church work to have had time to attempt a review of the book, but we doubt seriously that there will be any effort at all in that direction. The principles set forth in the book are so obviously in harmony with the New Testament, and are so clearly the things taught and believed by faithful Christians from time immemorial that we hardly think anyone will want to deny them.

But if this book is a setting forth of truth, and if Christians for so many generations have generally accepted that truth, then why the present controversy?

It has arisen because of the gradual shift away from these fundamentals which have taken place in recent years. Little by little, brethren have adopted practices and followed policies which were not in harmony with these basic truths. But the deviation was so slight, the departure so insignificant that little or no effort was made to correct the tendency. And it is only after the error has become open, obvious, and arrogant that it can be recognized by the brethren generally. We think the time is at hand when brethren all over the nation are awakening to what has happened. When they see millions of dollars being invested by the churches in social and recreational facilities — play rooms, kitchens, banquet halls, athletic equipment; when they see previously faithful gospel preachers hotly contending for the organization of separate human institutions to do the work of the church; when a continuing and stubborn effort is made to activate the church universal by means of national and international programs; when modernism in Bible School literature is excused and defended; when huge promotional ventures arise to `steam-roller' their way over the conscientious convictions of sincere brethren; and, most of all, when public calls are put forth pleading for a "quarantine" campaign trying to split the church into warring camps — well, we repeat, the humble men of good faith and good intentions all over the nation are becoming aware of the situation, and alarmed by it.

"Walking By Faith" is an honest effort to deal objectively, and from a wholly scriptural point of view, with the troublesome questions which are involved in the present controversies. It is the judgment of this writer, and shared by many others who have carefully studied the book, that a complete and analytical study of this book, with close attention of the scriptures cited and quoted, will just about SETTLE the problems of any congregation which is troubled over present issues. There is not much room for argument left over what the Bible actually teaches.

One preacher recently wrote a friend:

"I am writing to you in regard to brother Roy Cogdill's new book, "Walking By Faith." My copy came yesterday, and I have read through it. To me, this is the book that will `turn the tide' of digression in the church IF we can get it into the hands of enough people!"

This brother then went on to urge his friend to send the book as a gift to twenty, fifty, or a hundred of his friends, urging them to study it carefully and prayerfully. Furthermore, another preacher expressed it as his conviction that any church which is having any question or problem about present issues (and where is the church that does not have some question, one way or another, in its membership?) would find that a general adult class to study the issues, using this book as a study guide, would almost certainly find itself united and stronger, and far more fully informed as to Bible teaching once the course was completed. A guide to Bible study, such as Cogdill's book can be tremendously helpful in pointing out Bible truth to sincere and honest hearts. And the only way a problem like these modern ones can be settled is by TRUTH. It can never be resolved by an appeal to tradition, popularity, or "the good common sense of our grand brotherhood."

This study book was written with the hope of promoting unity among God's people. It has been published, and is being sent forth with that purpose in view — not unity on the basis of compromise with error, not unity on the basis of popular acceptance, but unity on the basis of truth.

With discord and division among us, the Gospel Advocate and the Firm Foundation hopelessly at odds with one another, and both of them turning aside from their shooting at one another to train their guns on the brethren who write for the Gospel Guardian, with school men, orphan home men, Herald of Truth promoters, Gospel Press promoters, Youth Camp promoters, Millions for Manhattan" promoters, and "millions for sideline" promoters all clamoring for attention, and plugging for money — isn't it high time brethren took some time out to study the Bible teaching on some of these things, and try to get themselves and the various congregations back into the practice of "Walking By Faith"? We think so! The book sells for $1.00 per copy, and we can supply you immediately.

— F. Y. T.