Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 5, 1970
NUMBER 26, PAGE 10-12

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

Wm. E. Wallace — News Editor

The Passing Of L. L. Dukes

On October 7, 1970, death took one of the most colorful and widely loved members of the Lord's church. After a heart attack the previous Friday, L. L. Dukes of Louisville, Ky. passed from this world early Wednesday morning at the age of 65 years and ended a life of hard work and strong dedication in the service of our Lord. He was one of the faithful elders in the Expressway church in Louisville.

L. L. Dukes will live in our memories because he possessed qualities to be admired and desired by us all. He enjoyed life so much and lived it with such zest that those around him found their daily lives pleasant and interesting because of him. He lived the last ten years of his life with a damaged heart, but did not allow the condition to limit him very much. As a faithful Christian he truly put the gospel first in his life. He loved to teach the gospel and did so all the time wherever he was. He baptized hundreds of people into Christ. Gospel preachers cannot forget him for he always loved and encouraged gospel preachers in a special way. He will long be remembered for his strong stand in opposing departures in the church. He has helped to write a chapter in the story of the fight against institutionalism in our time. L. L. Dukes would not flee controversy nor would he allow himself to be embittered by it. He had a wonderful sense of humor. He knew how to laugh with brethren and he knew how to cry with brethren. L. L. Dukes was "an unforgetable character."

He is survived by his faithful wife of 42 years, Bea; one daughter, Norma (Mrs. Jim Miles) and three Grandchildren.

The funeral service in Louisville was conducted on Saturday morning, October 10 by Harold Byers with the assistance of Paul Woodward and John Clark. Hundreds were in attendance and many came from a distance. That afternoon another service was conducted in Christian County, Kentucky. Under a bright autumn sky the body of L. L. Dukes was committed to the earth in Johnson Chapel cemetery in the land of his youth.

L. L. Dukes truly will be missed! "How art the mighty fallen!"

John Clark

Jesse Kelley Undergoes Major Surgery:

Jesse Kelley, who does the printing for the Gospel Guardian, underwent surgery to repair a blocked artery near his heart. He came through the operation in a fine way. He will be "laid up" for several weeks in recuperation. — W.E.W.

SAN DIEGO The story of California begins with the landing of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo at Ballast Point on Point Loma, San Diego in 1542. Cabrillo was a Portuguese explorer sailing under the Spanish flag. Today U. S. Naval operations take place where he went ashore. Nearby is the old 19th century Cabrillo light house, picturesque and enchanting. From its apogee one views San Diego and environs — an exciting view of nature, military, industrial and recreational facilities. Much could be said of a great variety of interesting and intriguing sites and sights in this headquarters of southern California, but we turn to more important considerations — the church.

A group of nineteen churches, apparently revolving around a pre-eminent public relations congregation advertises as the "loyal" churches of San Diego. But the real New Testament loyalty is seen in a number of other churches less interested in public image and more concerned about New Testament authority.

This writer was recently in a meeting with the Clairemont-Mesa church where Albert A. Phillips preaches. Brother Phillips is the great-grandson of the famed 19th century preacher, Carroll Kendrick. Brother Phillips, in the tradition of his ancestor, is a man of the "book" — saturated with Bible learning.

The sound churches in San Diego show positive signs of strength and foresight which are creating momentum for the future. San Diego is the most progressive boom-town this traveler has seen in recent years. The canyons and mesas in a 180 degree "circle" around the city are yielding to new freeways, industrial projects, shopping centers, and housing developments. There is considerable consternation about the prospects of the city becoming another smog-ladened maze of urban complexity. This may come, but this southern California locale will always hold an enchanting spell over visitors and inhabitants.

A source of strength for the churches in San Diego is in the military, from whence many devoted and dedicated Christians come to perform in local congregations. Examples of the many enlisted men and officers of the military who contribute so much to the church are Ray Mayse and O. E. Harmon. Brother Mayse is out of the service now and studying hard to prepare himself for fulltime preaching. Brother Harmon soon ends his 30 year career in the navy and he is contemplating entering fulltime preaching. Some congregations will be fortunate to obtain their services. It is impressive to view the successful labors of many ex-servicemen as local preachers. San Diego churches are serving an important function in developing such workers. — W. E. W.

Sponsoring Congregations Of The Churches Of Christ:

Paul W. Hamilton, sound preacher from Celina, Tennessee, submits a form letter advertising a Personal. Evangelism Workshop. It is signed by one representing "Sponsoring Congregations of the Churches of Christ." Brother Hamilton asks, "How far from truth, and Bible authority, are brethren going?" A good question.

Quizmaster Speaks On The Master Teacher:

It was interesting to note that the "Evangelist Quizmaster" of a liberal church in San Diego was to speak on The Master Teacher. The church ad invited people to "Hear The 'Quizmaster' in Person." I suppose this would be second best to seeing the Master Teacher in person.