Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 4, 1969

There's More Involved

Kenneth Green

In your issue of August 21, 1969, a request for information appeared as follows: "Information Wanted: Would someone please give me the scriptures that teach that a Christian should kill those whose political beliefs are different from his. I have three teenage sons, and before I send them to Viet Nam to kill Communists, I want to be sure that it is right."

Since this request appeared in THE GOSPEL GUARDIAN and because it is worded in a way that could provoke others to assume some false presuppositions, I would like to make a few observations.

In the first place, conscientious objection is and must be a personal choice. Our government recognizes the conscience of the individual. If I were the father of a young man who planned to register as a conscientious objector, I believe I would be very interested in knowing that going to war was in violation of HIS principles and not just a reflection of my own scruples in the matter.

Secondly, the above request indicates that the querist considers the Communist Party to be but a political party among other political parties. If I could produce the scripture that he is asking for, it would authorize me to kill Democrats! But IS Communism just another political party? A close reading of Arvid McGuire's excellent article, "The Religion of Communism" (Gospel Guardian, July 10, 1969) would be profitable in studying that question.

Communism is a world-wide conspiracy which has enslaved over a billion people and has killed millions. Economically, it teaches socialism but practices state monopoly capitalism and slave labor. Religiously, it is materialism and militant atheism. Politically, it is totalitarianism. Its goal is to control the world, abolish religion, annihilate the family (See Communist Manifesto, Gateway Edition, p. 47, 48), and liquidate every individual who would block its progress. Its methods are any means which will further the purpose for the moment. It is much more than a political party.

Thirdly, the issue may not be met when one asks, "Should I kill, or resist, or take offensive action against a second party." What if the second party is attacking or otherwise molesting a third party? The question of whether one has an obligation to protect the third party then becomes an issue.

Does the responsibility of providing for one's own house include the provision of protection? May a Christian play the "I didn't want to get involved" role if he has opportunity to protect a child, woman or man from molestation? If the first question may be answered "yes" and the second one "no," would these principles not remain basically the same if extended to a larger scale? Would a Christian have a right (or an obligation?) to protect his home and homeland from the international threat of communism? Would he have a responsibility to render aid to a molested third party, the people of other lands who are endangered by the threat of communism?

I recognize the inconsistencies so apparent in our government's opposition to communism. I can understand in that light the hesitancy on the part of many young men to serve in Viet Nam. But I believe that the above observations and questions are worthy of consideration.