Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 20, 1966

Just Thinking

Harold V. Moore

I have heard it preached and taught that Gal. 6:10 gives the church the right to send its funds to the institutions for the needy, namely the Orphan Home, and the Home For Widows.

Also I have heard it preached and taught that Jas 1:27 tells the church to do something but does not tell us how we are to do it, therefore it is fitting and proper to build and or maintain church sponsored Homes for the Orphan and the Widow.

I was just thinking that this being true, that the church funds can and or should be used to help these needy people whether they be saint or sinner, Paul has, in his letter to Timothy discriminated against a woman. Paul told Timothy that a WIDOW was not to be taken into the number unless she met certain qualifications, and had set or maintained certain standards during her life time.

I was just thinking that of the two Apostles who are both being led by the HS into all truths has given different instructions concerning the same question, and each is contrary to the other. One says that any needy person is to be supplied by the church, while the other states that a woman, unless she has done certain things is not to be supplied by the church.

Perhaps there is some one that can tell us the difference or the harmony of these two men concerning the same question.

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