Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 21, 1966
NUMBER 11, PAGE 10-11a


Clyde O. Moore,2706 Paul Ave / Lufkin, Texas 75901

News In Brief Charleston, South Carolina

The only large city in the southern portion of South Carolina is the city of Charleston. It is truly a lovely town, with many attractions to tourists being one of the older cities in the American continent. It is the second largest city in the state; however, there has been no sound church in this great city. This has been a matter of deep concern to loyal brethren throughout the state. But, a beginning has been made!

Last evening (May 6th), a group of interested brethren from several parts of the state met in the home of brother Eugene Sikes. In this group were ten Christians who live in Charleston who declared themselves ready to stand up and be counted for the Lord. God willing, the initial worship service of the church composed of this nucleus of ten will be held tomorrow (May 8th). It will begin meeting in the home of members. It begins with faith in God and a determination to grow in grace, in knowledge and in numerical strength.

There are two immediate needs in Charleston, both urgent. (1) We need the names and addresses of people now living in the area who may be willing to stand for truth. Please send such names to me, or to Eugene Sikes, Box 905, Charleston, S. C.29402. In a city the size of Charleston, with numerous digressive elements, there must be more than ten who are interested in pure, unadulterated Christianity. (2) The church urgently needs an evangelist living in this great city who can "every day, in the temple and at home, cease not to teach and preach Jesus as the Christ."

It was the general practice in the New Testament era to establish churches in major cities, and from these cities to let the gospel spread into the hinterlands. Charleston IS a major city. Great good can be accomplished there. Surely, in the whole southeast, there are churches capable of giving sufficient support to enable a preacher to come to Charleston to "do the work of an evangelist." Please consider this fertile field--for it is urgent! Contact Conway Skinner, Box 4, Beaufort, S. C. 28802 for further information.

July Meetings

Barney Cargile assisted the church in Peru, Indiana, in a series of meetings, June 27-July 3.

Roger Hendricks, preacher for the Lord at Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. , announces a meeting to be conducted there, July 17-24, with Granklin Puckett doing the preaching.

James Cope will preach in a series of meetings at Peoria, Ill. , July 4-10. Charles Maples preaches there regularly.

The Thayer Street church, Akron, Ohio, will be engaged in a series of meetings, July 10-15 with Bobby Owens doing the preaching according to an announcement from Truman Smith.

Granville Tyler will assist the 4th Ave. West church in Birmingham, Alabama, July 4-10.

Frank Smith will preach in a meeting at Sayre, Alabama, July 10-16.

James Cope will be with the brethren at Inglenook, Alabama, sometime during the month of July. At this writing the exact dates were not known.

James P. Miller will assist the Grandview church, Tompkinsville, Kentucky, July 25-31, according to word from Donald Townsley.

Paul Keller of Lubbock, Texas, will assist the following places in gospel efforts during July. July 4-10-Swindle Hill church, Walker county, Alabama; July 11-17-Lexington, Alabama, (Northside).

A. C. Grider of Greggton, Texas, will be with the Locust Grove church near Cookeville, Tennessee, July 25-31.


One was baptized June 12 at the Park Hill church, Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Two have recently been baptized at Pine Hills church, Orlando, Florida.

One was baptized June 22 at the Huffman Ave. , church, Birmingham, Alabama.

On July 5th one was baptized into the Lord at Hazelwood, Mo.

The last Sunday in May one was baptized into Christ at the Fairview church, Garden Grove, California.

On June 8th two were baptized at the Greens Bayou church, Houston, Texas.

One was recently baptized into Christ at Tenth and Francis, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

On June 12th, one was baptized at Sciotoville, Ohio.


Earl Pickle, Box 271, Conroe, Texas 77301: "The Central congregation in Conroe had its beginning on Nov. 15,1964 at which time seven persons agreed together to act as a congregation of the Lord's people in this community. The congregation was 18 months of age as of the 15th of May, 1966, and during that period there have been 15 responses: four baptized, two were restored, and nine placed membership. During that time we lost three members by their moving. At present the contribution averages just under $120 per week. The Spring Branch church in Houston undertook the full time support of the evangelist and their support continues. The church is in the process of purchasing the property where they are meeting and this will provide ample space for classes and worship. A weekly radio program may be heard each Wednesday, 11:40 AM over KMCO. The growth of the work has been curtailed somewhat by lack of cooperation, and opposition of the liberal brethren. However, the Lord has blessed us and we believe He will continue to do so."

Maruice W. Jackson, Jr., Huntsville, Alabama: The Stevens Ave. church in Huntsville, Alabama, enjoyed a fine gospel meeting May 16-22 with Ferrel Jenkins of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Good interest and zeal prevails throughout the meeting. Brother Jenkins did a good job of preaching the gospel of Christ. We feel the church was strengthened, and much and lasting good was accomplished. One soul was baptized into Christ."

Ralph Edmunson, Box 423, Searcy, Arkansas: "J. T. Smith of Oklahoma City closed a very profitable meeting with the Central church in Searcy on June 12. Four were baptized in this effort."

Guthrie Dean, 1900 Jenny Lind Ave. , Fort Smith, Arkansas: "After spending a year with the Park Hill church, I thought a brief report would be in order. During this period there were around 15 baptisms with a total increase in membership of approximately thirty-nine. The contributions averaging over $400 per week with a weekly increase around $100. Our attendance has steadily risen. Sunday we had 192 present."

"Gene Lyles, who has been working with the West Pleasant Run church in Lancaster Texas, will be moving to work with the newly formed church in Plymouth, North Carolina, July 3, 1966. This new church in Plymouth met for the first time Feb. 27, 1966. It was started by three families, the Robert Herndons, the John Dixons, and Bill Respess. At least three other families have joined forces with them since their beginning and they now have around 18 members. The church stands four square for the truth, demanding Bible authority for practice and teaching. The West Pleasant Run church in Lancaster will fully support me in this work. Address me: Box 711, Plymouth, North Carolina. Tom Baker of the Maryville church in Phoenix, Arizona will be moving to work with the West Pleasant Run church, on July 10."