Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 10, 1964

"...Ye Visited Me"

James W. Rury


1. Text — Matt. 25:31-46 2. 1 Peter 1:22-23 — the result and evidence of the new birth mentioned is love of the brethren.

3. This love has its source in the heart purified by obedience.

4. This love will motivate several actions on our part.

Discussion: 1. "Consider One Another" — Hebrews 10:19-25

A. Unfaithfulness — problem then and now in church — v. 25.

B. Would not have as much problem if would carry out v. 24.

C. Church members should be known for this.

D. Why we are to consider one another-1 John 3:13-18; Matt. 7:12; Col. 3:12-15; 1 Thess. 4:9-10; 1 Cor. 12:25.

1. Because of family relationship — "we be brethren" Gen. 13:8.

2. Because of basis of "Golden Rule."

3. Because we need mutual encouragement.

a. team work makes for winners.

b. secret of success in any group endeavor.

II. "Admonish" One Another — Col. 3:16

A. "admonish" — instruction and warning.

B. Acts 20:31; Romaiis 15:14; 1 Thess. 5:11; Hebrews 12:6.

III. Visit One Another To Express This Regard

A. "visit" (episkeptomai) Root meaning, "inspect." Late form of word for "bishop" or "overseer" — elder's responsibility is to visit in sense of looking upon, exercise oversight in special way. Word used also to describe actions of God — Luke 1:68, 78; 7:16.

B. Social Visiting — Different Greek word (historeo).

1. To aid physical needs — Jas. 1:27, Matt. 25:31-ff. see Peter").

2. To manifest friendliness.

3. To share mutual interests.

4. For proper companionship-1 Cor. 15:33.

5. It seems that some naturally associate together because of similarities and mutual interests. This visiting is a matter of personal choice — though "cliques" should be avoided so as not to exclude all others from friendship.

C. Spiritual, benevolent visiting — to aid, help; not just social call.

1. To aid phycisal needs — Jas. 1:27, Matt. 25:31-ff; Luke 10:30-ff; Heb. 13:15-16.

2. To aid spiritual needs — Acts 15:36: 16-5.

a. to encourage, edify, strengthen-1 Thess 5:14.

b. ministering to Christ when do so; failing to if not — Matt. 25:31-46.

c. outgrowth of faith, love, compassion.

d. lack of shows faith is dead and that love has grown cold.

e. might not have things in common socially — but must have spiritually, so this kind of visiting is vital and necessary to every member of the church.

IV. Results Of Such Expression Of Regard

A. Closeness — Phil. 2:1-ff; Amos 3:3.

B. Understanding — avoid "personality conflicts" when come to know one.

C. Strengthen in faith — Acts 16:4.

D. Peace — Acts 9:31; Psa. 122:1.

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