Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 23, 1964

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

Venice, California — There will be a meeting conducted by the church which meets 1503 Venice Blvd., Jan. 20th-26th. William E. (Bud) Irvine of Odessa, Texas, will do the preaching. Foy W. Layton is the local preacher.

Preachers To New Locations

H. Osby Weaver has recently returned from Hawaii and in now working with the Country Club Road church in Tucson, Arizona.

Elvis Bozarth is now preaching for the Miranda Street church in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

H. Ed McCaskill has moved from Las Cruces, New Mexico, to work with the church in Austin, Texas. The church in Austin meets at 4707 Harmon Ave.

Leo Christ has recently moved to Bossier City, La., to assist the faithful brethren there in establishing a congregation of the Lord's people.

Earl Dale, after several years in Harlingen, Texas, has moved to Phoenix, Arizona. He will work with the Indian School Road church.

R. D. Simmons, formerly of Corpus Christi, Texas, has moved to Victoria, Texas, and is now working with the North Street Church of Christ in that city. Address of the church is 402 E. North Street.

New Congregations

Recently new congregations have begun in Center, Texas, and in Bryan, Texas. As more information is available it will be published in this column so you may be able to keep up with the work of the Lord in various places.

New Creatures

One was baptized December 22 at the North Park church, Abilene, Texas, where Hoyt Houchen is the regular preacher.

William R. Lambert, preacher for the Walker's Road church, Fultondale, Alabama, reports one baptism Dec. 15.

On December 18th one was baptized at the Downtown church, Lawrenceburg, Tenn., according to Herschel Patton, the local preacher.

Recently one was baptized at the Second Street church, Rock Springs, Wyoming. John W. Pittman is the local preacher. If you plan a vacation in Wyoming make plans to attend the church in Rock Springs. These brethren need encouragement, You may contact John Pittman by writing Box 925.

The Lord's Church In San Angelo

The church that meets at the corner of Irene and Coke Streets in San Angelo is now composed of about six faithful families. These brethren stand for the simple gospel of Christ, free from the denominational trappings of the present day apostasy. These brethren need the encouragement of the faithful everywhere.

During the latter part of November we had a good meeting with brother Frank Thompson of Hobbs, New Mexico, doing the preaching. There was one baptism.

Any time you are traveling through this area, we invite you to stop and worship with us.

Derrel Starling 1162 E. 19th

San Angelo, Texas

(Note: Is any faithful church in position to help in brother Starling's support? He is in urgent need of additional support, and is doing secular work part time to provide the necessities of life for his family. If congregations or individuals can help here, contact brother Starling at once. — Yater Tant.)

Preacher To Be Supported

The Sunnyvale, California, church has made plans to support brother Otis H. Moyer full time in preaching for needy places, where congregations are weak and unable to support a man. Any congregation interested in this offer should write the elders at Sunnyvale (P. O. Box 822), or to Otis H. Moyer, 13660 Highland Drive, San Jose, California.