Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 16, 1964

"The Church Of Christ To Build Christian College"

Hollis Creel

The above statement was the headline in the "Paragould Daily Press" November 18, 1963. Farther in the article we see the following statement. "Smith, in announcing the location of the college, said the 120 acre site will be the nucleus of a 600-acre campus. An additional 480 acres of land adjoining the Haley property has already been purchased by the Church of Christ." (emphasis mine, H.C.)

To those connected with this project, Is this a true statement of affairs? Is the church of Christ doing all this? Will this institution solicit and/or accept funds from the church treasury for its operation? If this is not a correct statement, will any of you brethren write an article and run it in the Paragould Daily Press so that people may know the truth about it? Remember the statements in the paper will be accepted as the truth by those who read it.

If his article does state the facts in the case, then I challenge you to set forth by the Word of God authority for the church of Christ building and/or maintaining a college. In either case it will be interesting to see the outcome. Brethren, please don't give this the "silent treatment." If this is the truth then defend it. If this is not the truth, then please tell us what the truth is.

If the college accepts funds from church treasuries, then the information is correct. If it does not then it is false. But please let us know. Or would there be an advantage in not saying anything about it. If you said nothing then perhaps you could play the ball both ways. To those congregations who have already drifted in that direction it will look pretty good, and to those who are still in doubt about church support of colleges, etc., it could easily be passed off as a mistake on the part of the printers. We need to know your position.

Friends, it isn't enough for them to say, "We don't solicit from churches." The question needs to be asked those in charge, do you believe is it wrong for churches to contribute from their treasuries to a school or college? I am asking any or all of you connected with the College, do any of you believe it is wrong for churches to support CRA from their treasury? Would you accept such contributions?

Friends, I ask those of you who read this to watch and see if their position is clearly stated. I doubt that it will be. I believe that their real convictions are stated in the newspaper article. However, I doubt that either of them will come out and solicit contributions from church treasuries, at least for now. But, when their feet are a little more firmly set, look out.

Remember, many of you who have supported the unscriptural practice of the "sponsoring church" type of cooperation, and church support of institutional benevolent homes, but have opposed church support of schools and colleges. Look out, brethren, the pressure is coming. It is already being argued that they "rise or fall together." This they do. Brethren, will you let them all go or will you just add another? and with a 600-acre campus several others can be added later. Perhaps a recreational center or a "church of Christ Hospital," etc.

— Paragould, Arkansas