Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
November 20, 1958

What Will The Decision Be?

George C. Garrison

"Bathing suits permitted but not required — please do not use this part of beach if it will offend you. The state park commission is due to decide at its meeting in Riverside Friday whether this sign will go up, and swimming suits come off, on part of a state beach near Santa Cruz."

(The Fresno Bee, Fresno, Calif., Oct. 15, 1958).

After having read this article in the Newspaper, this thought came to my mind. "So goes the custom". While attending one of our Christian Colleges and in an advanced Bible course this subject came up. "Is it wrong for Christians to participate in mixed bathing." The class consisted of Bible students which will no doubt be the workers of some congregation in the future. Suggestions were few, but the conclusion seemed to depend on customs.

At one time the one pieced bathing suit was considered immodest, then came the two pieced suit, which lasted for quite a while and is still common. Today we have a new phase approaching, nude bathing, and not on the creek back in the woods either. Out in public is where this is going to take place, where everyone can see what Adam and Eve were afraid to show. (Gen. 3:10.)

Now, the question is, what will the decision be? Those people that are Christians are going to be faced with the problem of either becoming a nude swimmer or being out of style. ( Read Romans 12:2.)