Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 5, 1950

False Teachers Creep Into The Church At Hollywood

Wallace W. Thompson

Spiritual imposters never hurry to implant insidious teaching. Inch by inch, step by step they fasten their influence upon unsuspecting believers, gain their confidence, and then in a poisonous thrust they insert into the life of a congregation deadly venom that leaves it writhing and convulsing in division. False teachers remind me of the creeping and crawling creatures that "love darkness rather than light." They put on their garments of deception and sneak into the realm of the righteous. Like the Pharisees and scribes of old, they appear as whited sepulchers, but within are full of "all uncleanness." They are spiritual perverts who change the glory of God. They have a "form of godliness, but deny the power thereof." The Holy Spirit commands, "from such turn away."

The expose of the premillennialists, especially of two elders in the congregation at 600 N. Rossmore, Hollywood, Calif., was brought about by Tom W. Phillips and J. N. Dyerly leading in the opposition, and they were assisted by many faithful members of the church. Herewith is given the charges against the seditious group who rebelled against the teaching of the New Testament. We quote, "Many members of the Hollywood Church of Christ, 600 N. Rossmore, believe that the two men, R. L. Nichols and Gordon Himes, now acting as elders of this congregation, are not scripturally qualified. We specifically charge (1), that the elders are promoting false doctrine in bringing false teachers into the church (such as E. L. Jorgenson), thereby violating the New Testament command to take heed to the flock (Acts 20:28, 30), and the command to reject false teachers (Titus 3:10, Rom. 16:17, and 2 John 9,11). (2) Members of the Hollywood congregation cannot submit to such elders without disobeying the New Testament. (3) In this course of forcing false teachers on the congregation, the elders have become self-willed, and by forcing their own will (not God's will) against the teaching of the New Testament, they are lords over the church, instead of elders. (1 Pet. 5:3.) (4) We further charge that R. L. Nichols is a "sower of discord" among brethren (Prov. 6:19), and "soon angry." (Titus 1:7.) This being true, there is no other alternative than to refuse further submission to the present elders. In view of the plain teaching of the New Testament, we therefore demand the resignation of these two men as elders of the Hollywood Church." This document is signed by thirty members of the Hollywood Church. We heartily salute these brethren for their couage and conviction.

The action taken was necessary to uphold truth and oppose error. In the ugly face of ungodly opposition, be it said to their credit, they did not hoist the flag of truce, but used the "sword of the Spirit" and gained glorious victory. We thank the Lord for such valiant men who wrought such a gallant stand in the face of the foe.

Another document is herewith presented. We quote, "The group known as the Hollywood Boulevard church of Christ, meeting in the Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood Boulevard and Highland, Los Angeles, Calif., is a premillennial faction which left the Hollywood church of Christ, 600 North Rossmore, in August 1949. When the Hollywood congregation refused to accept E. L. Jorgenson as minister, and at the same time refusing to allow R. L. Nichols and Gordon A. Himes, elders, to bring in Jorgenson with his premillennial teaching, those men then pulled away and started this faction. Only a very few families, including Jorgenson, Nichols, and Himes make up their numerical strength. Loyal congregations and preachers who love the church cannot afford to encourage these erring brethren in this movement, which destroys the unity of the church." Signed by D. D. Cargile, C. A. Darnell, J. Elliot Baxter, J. N. Dyerly, and H. N. Howard. These men are trustees of the property.

There are certain brethren in Los Angeles abetting this factional group. Be it said to the discredit of the "Take Time To Be Holy Hour," a Radio Program over KFVD, Los Angeles, with Hugh M. Tiner, President of George Pepperdine College announcing, E. L. Jorgenson has been recognized and advertised. In this instance the word of God has been violated. (See 2 John 9,11.) Not only has this avowed premillennialist been recognized by the President of George Pepperdine College, but he has been fellowshipped on the campus in what they call "Fellowship Dinners," and the faction from Hollywood is participating. Aligned in this gross insult is Albert Lovelady, who spoke on one occasion at the "Fellowship Dinner," and did not in any way condemn Jorgenson nor his teaching. How much more disgrace will come through these mediums cannot be calculated. But if past performances are any barometer to gage the future, such a program and attitude by brethren forebodes the truth and church little good. I do not envy nor covet such defection before Jehovah and man. And those who give assent, their hands are defiled with the blood of division, and their heart beats in rhythm with error. These facts are given in the interest of the church. They are not idle words. Appended is a statement from the elders of the church in Van Nuys. All who know these men herald their faithfulness. I am thankful to the Lord that I can work under their direction. Here is their statement: "We, the elders of the church at Van Nuys, Cal, are attesting to the truth of the testimony in this article by Brother Thompson. We are acquainted with the conditions discussed and facts presented. It is with deep regret that we must announce the terrible debacle fomented by E. L. Jorgenson and the premillennial elders. It is regrettable that Hugh M. Tiner has announced without condemnation E. L. Jorgenson over the "Take Time To Be Holy Hour." We regret to further state that the faction has been received at the "Fellowship Dinners." Word has not yet been received where any speaker or teacher has condemned such practices. We hope such opposition will be forthcoming."

Signed Geo. H. Brown_____________

0. F. Watson _____________