Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 5, 1949

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Concerning Our Name

Many of our readers will recall that when the original Gospel Guardian suspended publication some years ago, its obligations were taken over by Bro. G. H. P. Showalter of the Firm Foundation- The name Gospel Guardian has not been used by any religious publication for some ten or twelve years now. But just to be absolutely certain that we had an ethical as well as a legal right to the title, we informed Bro. Showalter of our plans and desires, asking if he had any objection to our use of the name "Gospel Guardian.' We have a most cordial letter from him, welcoming the new Gospel Guardian into the field of gospel publications, assuring us of his sympathy for our endeavor, gladly consenting to our use of the title, and offering all the help he might be able to give to aid us in getting under way. We take this means of expressing to him publicly our appreciation for his encouragement.


Evangelistic Issue

Our next issue will be purely evangelistic, designed to be handed to your friends who are not members of the church. This will be a regular monthly feature with us, the second week in each month.


Not Enough Water

Preparing to sprinkle a very tiny infant, the Methodist preacher turned to the child's mother and asked, "His name, please?' "Percival Archibald Henry Wadsworth Smithson,' the proud mother replied. The preacher glanced into his "baptismal' font, turned to his assistant and said, "A little more water, please.'

—Joseph Mullins


Not yellow

A Houston brother told us the other day he rejoiced that the Bible Banner was being changed into the Gospel Guardian. He opined that "the days of yellow journalism are over'. Tut, tut, brother, the Banner was never yellow; purple, maybe, now and then — but "yellow'? Never! It does seem we heard rumors occasionally that certain of the Banner's readers were wont to turn all colors of the rainbow (including yellow, but mostly apoplectic red) on reading that worthy journal. We're not surprised. The Banner carried a potent punch. In fact so potent that it not only gave heart failure to some of its weak subjects and readers, but even one of its own ace writers found the diet too strong for his ticker. We are glad to report that he has completely recovered, however, and his articles will be regularly decorating our columns. (See front page)


Dollars Is It!

The Restoration Herald, published by the "Christian Restoration Association', is an implacable for the Disciples' Church's super missionary organization, the United Christian Missionary Society. Whenever the Herald has occasion to refer to this agency it gives only the initials, thusly UCM$.



"I think the brotherhood in general is ready for some good strong food. It will cause weaker papers to stop, tremble, and think before they leap. Roy will tell you that I urged making the Banner into a weekly as far back as 1946.'

—Will M. Thompson


"Was a time when "central headquarters' was in Nashville, Tennessee, but it appears now that Jerusalem has been moved from Nashville to Lubbock, Texas. There are a few congregations called "Central Church of Christ" that started right and have stayed right, but on the whole this "central' idea has become so obnoxious that if all congregations bearing that title would change it to the simple designation of their location, it would have a wholesome effect. It has become such a point with me, personally, I don't even like to ride a railroad train into a Central Station!'

—Foy E. Wallace, Jr.


"Glad to learn of the new venture. I wish you every success. You can count on me to contribute material for its pages.'

—C. A. Norred


"If you need any special material which I might be able to supply, let me know. I'll produce it if I can."

—L. R. Wilson


"The news (of the change into a weekly paper) is thrilling to me.

We need F. E. W. in the fight!"

—W. Wallace Layton


"Thanks for the opportunity of contributing to the Gospel Guardian. I appreciate the opportunity, and will do my best!'

—A. Hugh Clark


"I am glad to see this project launched, as I believe it will do much to help the cause of Christ through. out the country.'

—Floyd A. Decker


"My physical condition is definitely worse at the present. I have been having to give away a lot of blood lately. The doctor in California has indicated that he may send me a treatment here to tide me over till I return to California a little later."

—W. Curtis Porter


If you noticed

Bro. Arceneaux' articles (more are to follow this one) on Christian Evidences were originally delivered as sermons, later being re-written for publication in the Guardian. This will account for some of the verbiage being distinctively "speaker's language" rather than "writer's language"— in case you had noticed.



Experience—The name you give your mistakes.

Horse Sense—The wisdom that keeps you from betting on the races.

After-dinner-speaking—An occupation for men only. Women can't wait that long.

Bachelor—A man who never makes the same mistake once.

Wedding—A funeral where you smell your own flowers.

Barber—A brilliant conversationalist who also cuts hair.

Bore—One who insists on talking about himself when you want him to shut up so you can talk about yourself.

via Northwest (Chicago) church bulletin